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VoxicVoxic Member Posts: 1

Hey all!

I would just like to inform those interested in LEGO's upcoming MMORPG, LEGO Universe, that LEGO Universe's first fansite has just recently opened its doors. LEGO Universe Forums (LUF) offers its members news updates on LEGO Universe, VIP codes, vBulletin forums, radio, web chat, arcade games, events, contests, awards, prizes, and a monitored community for all ages to discuss the new upcoming game. We look forward to seeing some new faces within our community. LUF has been growing rather quickly and we encourage you to come take a look at LEGO Universe's #1 fansite.

Just a reminder - Make sure to read the forum rules before posting, thanks!

When registering for your community account please make sure to add me (Voxic) as your referral.

Website - www.LEGOUniverseForums.com

Rules - www.LEGOUniverseForums.com/faq.php?faq=rules_and_regulations


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