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Ok, so I have played some trials of CoX in the past and really enjoyed it. Now i've finally decided to sub to have some casual play as a break from my other mmo's. I know I want to play a corrupter on the redside. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on power set selections? I am very interested in pvp and while I know this is not the best game for that I would definitely like to have viable power sets for that. I was thinking Fire/Dark, but am just not sure. I have also heard Ice/Dark is really good for pvp, but struggles abit for lvling in pve (true/false?). Any advice from players would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has non-corrupter AT ideas they would like to suggest I am totally open to trying it out. Thx again guys.

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    I just responded on the (more active) Heroes forum here, so I'll refer you to that.

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    The only problem with Dark as a secondary, is that the heal requires a tohit check.  Until you get some Acc slotted, you "missing" your heal when you need it will be very annoying.  However, the stealth you get later in that set is very useful in both pvp and pve.

    Ice surely has some pvp use from the slows.

    I've played many a blaster/corruptor, my current one being Elec/Storm, and I've never found one to be "hard" to level.  That being said if you pick Pain Suppression as a secondary, keep in mind that's a pure heal set so you'll shine brighter in groups than solo.

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