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Trinity Wars .net|Free Online Multiplayer Space Simulation Game|O-game Private Server X300

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O-game like server - Game Speed X 300 – Fleet X 200 – Production X 4

Trinity Wars | Free Online Multiplayer Space Simulation Game - In year 2070 - Conquer the new universe with help from your A.I. Twai. Build a fleet and create an empire, make friends and alliances, fulfill your destiny.

" Dreams sustain us through the madness;

goals give a finish line to our race.

Yet they change with every turn, around every wall,

and remain elusive throughout the quest. "

# Register, Sign up, create your world and begin to create an empire!

# Make Mine Metal, Crystal and Deuterium. Search sources of energy!

# Create your Alliance! Fight your enemies, exchange resources !

# Make your Empire, colonize other planets, build a big fleet, join forces with friends and conquer the univers, this new word!

# Choose your race and fulfil your destiny!

# Fast Support System, Races, Donation System, Alliances, Bank, Forum, Marketplace,....

#Using professional web hosting. Online 24/7 with no lag.

Join us! Join the War! Join the R3vollution!


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