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FinbarFinbar Member UncommonPosts: 187

They are both Microsoft after-all. There is a keyboard and mouse in the works for the Xbox so...

I would like to see it.

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  • zballzball Member Posts: 51
    why would thay do that ac2 sucks and thay have 2 new mmorpg thay are working on that look so cool.   

  • HotSpotHotSpot Member Posts: 9
    will the game fee b lower for xbox?

    Hot Spot

    Hot Spot

  • zballzball Member Posts: 51
    dont think so

  • TineaTinea Member UncommonPosts: 86

    I'm sure AC2 was planned to go to the XBOX.  It seems like some MMORPG features were simplified in the game so that it could happen -- at least that's how it felt to me when I played in Beta.  I think that moving AC2 to the XBOX depends alot on its success.  And from what I hear, its no where near the success that the original was.

    Still, Microsoft may find a way to better market AC2 for the XBOX.  I would definitely not rule it out. 

  • PravusPravus Member Posts: 34

    I have at one point or another tried just about every MMORPG out there to date starting with NWN back in AOL's days when they charged per hour.....I can honestly say AC2 (my humble opinion) is the just about the worst IF not the worst MMORPG out there. 


    Like I said, my humble opinion :)

    on edit to keep this on topic it would be a smart move for MS to do it in hopes of getting the game more subscriptions.  I thought I remember someone saying while we were in Beta for AC2 that the reason that the game was so "dumbed" down was the fact that it was eventually going to be ported over to the Xbox.

  • el_Slackoel_Slacko Member Posts: 310

    AC2 on XBOX?!? WOW!!  Now it can fail on two completely different systems simultaenously!image

    Though really, AC2 wasnt a very good mmorpg. it wasnt the worst, but it was bad. Mythica on the XBow would be interesting, or Planetside on the PS2 would be interesting as well. But really, if we are gonna make mmorpgs on consoles, why all the hassle? just make a USB Xbow/PS2/GC controller for the computer and BAM!  Console games image

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  • FeneantFeneant Member Posts: 24

    At this points it is highly unlikely that they will shoot themselves in the other foot. They marketed AC2 as the greated next gen RPG out there and now they have just merged their 10 servers into 3-4 servers because everyone quit. AC2 was the biggest joke ever, the developers never listened to the community even as we told what we wanted and what could be done to salvage the game (I'm talking duing beta here!) but they didnt listen to anyone, they nerfed everything one by one and now the game has a total of maybe 3000 players at peak time with a total number of players (generous estimate) of 25000.

    If AC2 had succeeded this would probably have happened but now.. it won't.

    Lila Yee, if you are reading this, we told you from day 1 that ignoring the communities' suggestions and comment would see you fall, well who's laughing now b****.

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  • UifzUifz Member Posts: 252
    What are you talking about "Xbox doing badly"? Are you kidding me? You obviously don't know much about Consoles, stick with the PC's bud.

  • UifzUifz Member Posts: 252

    That is why I gathered up this information posted on August 8th 2003:

    Xbox sales up, Microsoft sees market share gain
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    Microsoft sold more Xbox video game consoles in the June-ended quarter than it had first expected, though a price cut midway through the quarter played only a small part, an executive said.

    While not breaking out the console's specific sales in the quarter, Microsoft said its Home and Entertainment division, which is primarily the Xbox operations, saw revenue rise 8 percent in the fiscal fourth quarter.

    In an interview with Reuters after Microsoft's quarterly earnings, Robbie Bach, the company's "chief Xbox officer," said the Xbox was gaining market share in the United States and Europe.

    "Certainly the price cut probably had some effect, though I think most people would tell you the effect has been pretty modest," Bach said.

    The sudden decision in mid-May to cut the Xbox's price to $US179 from $US199 came after chief rival Sony cut the price of its market-leading PlayStation 2 console to $US179 from $US199. In New Zealand the prices for both were reduced to $NZ399 from $NZ499.

    Xbox remains a distant second behind PS2. Through May, according to data from NPDFunworld, the PS2 had a US installed base of 17.7 million units.

    The console market has largely become a two-horse race for share, with Nintendo's GameCube underperforming all expectations and lagging behind the Xbox and PS2 in most markets.

    Since the November 2001 launch of Xbox, Microsoft said it has sold 9.4 million units worldwide, and by June 2004 it said it expects that number to rise to between 14.5 million and 16 million units. The total units sold during fiscal 2003 was 5.5 million.

    The majority of the installed base to date, 6.2 million units, is in North America, with 2.2 million in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and 1 million in the Asia-Pacific region, which is primarily the Japanese market. The Xbox, by Microsoft's own admission, has struggled in Japan.

    "We're making progress from an organisational perspective" in Japan, Bach said. "The share numbers haven't really moved one way or another."

    Xbox Live, Microsoft's online gaming service, finished the year with about 500,000 subscribers, the company said, with expectations it will reach 1 million by next summer.

    The attach rate, or average number of games sold per console, stood at about 5.4:1 in the United States and 5:1 globally as of June 30, Microsoft said.

    In the past, weak Xbox sales have actually been good for Microsoft's bottom line, since the company loses an amount believed to be $US75 or more on each Xbox it sells.

    Bach said Microsoft's focus now is on more-lucrative game sales. The heavily anticipated "Halo 2" is expected next spring, and a sequel to the successful "Project Gotham Racing" is set for this fall.

    "We're in the phase of the console cycle where it's about the games," he said. (Additional reporting by Reed Stevenson in Seattle)



  • UifzUifz Member Posts: 252

    Also Listed on "EB's Best Seller List" Why are two of the 4 Best Sellers which means "Selling the most to people" are Xbox Games? Hmmm Yeah your totally right there Gunblade.

    Star Wars: Knights image image image XBX image
    image Ghost Recon image image image XBX image
    image Silent Hill 3 image image image PS2 image
    image Star Wars Galaxies image image image PC

  • UifzUifz Member Posts: 252
    Rofl. Madden comes out officialy in 6 Hours, from posting this at 2:58 AM EDT. Shops open 9:00 AM, So madden hasn't even been released yet the "2004". So what were you talking about Madden coming out las week?

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