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Wurm Online experince/opinions.

Ice799Ice799 Member Posts: 6

Ive been playing WO for about 2 weeks ive played a total of 3 days 13h 59m according to the in-game timer.

I play GV for now,  want to do some skill building/build basic items to take with me before I change servers. However I must admit in my short time playing this game. I have noticed that the game does not seem to play out the way it was ment to be played. By this I mean this game was spouse to be a community, people working together, sharing resources, ect. Instead we basically people who live like hermits and horde tons of resources. Currency is flat out dead, to trade you ethier have to do a job/make something for someone, which isn't bad but it would be nice to a have a formal trade system.

This game was spouse to be soo much more then it turned out to be. People running Inns, becoming professional Blacksmiths, Hunters, Fishermen ect. Instead if you want something you pretty much have to do it yourself. If this game had some kind of formal trade this would be so much easier.

(i.e I fish/cook food trade it for coins and buy say a boat / better fishing rod or w/e else I need.)

If this game setup some real former trade it would evolve to what its really ment to be.  With the right updates this game could very easily be the next big thing.

Now all that said, I really do enjoy the game. I have all my tools but 1-2 of the tools. Currently digging out my cave near GD. In my area I have plenty of hunting ground to hunt lions, wolfs, dogs the odd pig/hen.

Now mind yoou I've only played on GV and not freedom/wild so if anyone would like to share similiar experince/opions.

So why arent more people playing this game? Mind you the graphics area bit 1999 even for java, and the animations need some work. I think this game has truly limitless possibilities.


  • hausthaust Member Posts: 26

    Everything you are complaining about is fixed on wilds/freedom. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "formal trade" because there is a trade window even in GV Wurm. I trade things all the time, it all depends on what you wish the trade agreement to be. For instance, I could trade a bunch of iron ore I mined to someone else for a new fishing rod to get food. If you want coins, hop over to the premium servers and you can get that. Wurm is what you make it, so make it good!

  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    You are on the free trial server where the max skill is 20, anyone can make the things you can, so of course there is no specialization. Doesn't take much to figure that out.

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  • teodiateodia Member Posts: 6

    The graphics are choppy and chunky and not much fun. I still wanted to give it a chance, thinking I might still have fun just spending some time and see/learn what's going on. Chat was boring, people listing over and over again what they collected or just had made.

    Spend like 3 hrs chopping wood and mining/smelting some ore to then find out, that I needed a tool to make a certain item. Couldn't move because I was carrying too much stuff. Dropped some, to come back and see somebody else had taken it. Meant to start over, run out of the mine to get what I needed and got killed by a wolf.

    At that point I was bored and frustrated enough to decide 'not for me' and deleted the game.

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