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DAOC your opinion



  • rymanryman Member Posts: 227
    Originally posted by uquipu

     DAoC had /face, /stick and /follow commands.  These commands keep you autofaced toward your enemy and in range.
    If you remove maneuver from PvP, why not just sit in your faction city, pick your foe off a dropdown list and mash buttons?  PvP so easy that a one armed man can win.
    DAoC is not real pvp in my mind.

    How's that? Playing a melee you get positional styles and counterattacks, you actually have to pay attention to what's going on in the fight. I don't see this in any MMOs right now and wish they would add it because it adds a great more of depth to being a melee supporter. You couldn't jump around like a fairy in WoW because you'd fumble your weapons, it was melee combat strategy at its peak in MMO melee.

    Lastly, if anyone wants to talk about terrible PvP.. how about that Darkfall Online? It's like unreal tournament on steroids, I have never seen an unimmersive and unstrategic melee combat in my life. Not to mention hackers that the fanbois will not admit (until a screenshot is shown in the forum.. which is very hilarious).

  • JulianDracosJulianDracos Member UncommonPosts: 1,528

    The problem with threads like these is that are full or bitter former players and not current ones.  This makes it difficult for you to judge the current state of the game.  Thankfully, there is another recent thread on here where someone gave a great overview of DAOC. 

    Since you came from EQ, I can give you some comparisons.  DAOC PvE is very similar to original EQ except the original world is open space without having to zone through tunnels.  You kill and do quests for leveling.  Killing is usually better XP than quests.  There are dungeons to go through.  You have a quest journal that basically tells you what to do, unlike the early EQ where you had to figure things out.  When you die, you loose XP, have a rez sickness penalty, and lose con.  You can't lose levels like you could in EQ.  You go to an NPC healer to pay to remove your con penalty. 

    Starting at level 40 (50 is max) you can start Master Levels.  There are 10 ML each with 10 steps.  As you complete each ML, you can then train a Master Level path that gives different abilities.  Doing these is optional.  You can purchase the ML using either bounty points (that you get from RvR) or by atlantean glass which drops from mobs.  In addition, you can get other players to trade you bounty points that you can use for ML.  So there is a variety of ways to do this.

    There are also 10 Champion levels.  You begin those at level 50.  You earn them by killing mobs and following a really cool storyline of quests.  This allow you to cross train in the base abilities of other class.  For example, if you are a tank, you can learn a weak healing spell, or cure disease. 

    Leveling is really fast now.  What used to take 50 days played can be done in 48 hours if you know what you are doing, but most people take 72-96 hours depending on how much time you spend in the battlegrounds (level specific RvR areas). 

    There is crafting to make weapons and armor as well as crafting to add bonuses and spell effects to the items. 

    I would put it this way.  If you liked early EQ, you will most likely like DAOC.  Many core aspects of the game play and commands are the same (like slash commands for things). 

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