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Legion [Spoiler alert]

Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

Today was my last time trying to watch avatar as apparently every time i go they run out of tickets so this time i decided to watch legion  just to laugh at how bad it was going to be going by the trailers. It actually was quite an awesome movie, story was fairly good, quite funny and action oriented so yeh i would say it was well worth the money and a good movie overall and would suggest it to anyone who likes the whole apocalypse type of thing. Also would love to hear opinions from others on what they though about it.


  • otarokunotarokun Member Posts: 4

    Legion sucks... wasted a popcorn and coke for it... They're just stuck in the same plot defending that certain area..

  • raingermanraingerman Member Posts: 6

    Which of you will I believe? It is on my "to watch list". First, I want to watch sherlock holmes, then Legion, then The Vampire's Assistant. I'm also waiting for Alice in Wonderland. I think that one's gonna be a hit.

  • OrdoAbChaoOrdoAbChao Member Posts: 339

    I saw the preview. Seems to be about a wrath of god, sent to destroy mankind. And who stands alone on man's side against god? That's right, Satan.



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