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KamayorKamayor Member Posts: 52

 To say first off I've only heard awful things about this company, but I've looked and they seem to have some retail builds from Tiger Direct are these any better?


  • AxeionAxeion Member UncommonPosts: 418

    cyberpower , ibuypower are both decent cheep build. weekness on their systems seems to be the psu.They like useing the ones that come with cheep cases mostly some times thats not a bad thing some times it realy is.Step up from them is abs had one of their systems for 3 years not one problem.

    If you looks that end of the spectrum look also at www.newegg.com/Store/SubCategory.aspx some times ya can find good deal their as well.Oh yeah one other problem if its a cheeper case they will just have the fans that came with the case .But even higher end cases can get a poor fan every now an then just seems more so with a cheeper case.

    some times you can come out ahead on thsoe cheeper systems.Id rather build my own tho.

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  • XerithXerith Member Posts: 970

    Its more in their customer service is where all these companies suck the most. Anytime something is wrong with your computer, its a 3 hour call to get an RMA, then you have to get it shipped off to them, wait a month for them to fix it, another 2 weeks to get it back after repairs so you are out of a computer for a month and a half any time something goes wrong.

    You also end up paying more through these companies as well, of course they are a business and need to make money, so there is a markup on all the products and of course you pay for them to assemble it.

    I prefer to build my own. Another problem with some of these companies is there computers are as far from future proof as they can be. This is done intentionally so when you want to upgrade, you will hopefully go through them for a new system.

    After dealing with Alienware for a few years I decided to just build my own. Have done that ever since and I will never go through a company again. 

  • KamayorKamayor Member Posts: 52

     but im to stupid to attempt to build my own

  • XerithXerith Member Posts: 970

    Nah, Im sure you can do it. There are plenty of people who are willing to help you chose and select the best components for what you want to do and within your budget.

    As for putting it together, its sort of like playing with legos. You have a bunch of separate pieces and you need to combine them into one big thing. Really all you do is get the boxes, unpack everything, dont get overwhelmed, put the motherboard into the case and then put everything into that piece by piece. The hardest part is getting the wires around the case in an organized manner and making sure the right wires go to the right components.

    There are plenty of guides and help out there for putting together your own system. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking to get a new computer. The money and frustration you can save is completely worth it.

  • Focus*BankaiFocus*Bankai Member Posts: 219

    cyber power is a really great company to buy from. i just got my computer from there a week ago and their customer service was excellent.

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,254

    CyberPower has a decent concept that is superior to the likes of DELL, HP, and Apple however they cannot hope to reach the quality of higher costing custom PC builders and OEM Manufacturers like ASUS and MSI.

    What you get with a Cyber/iBuyPowerPC is like if one of us made your PC for you.  A bunch of decent quality OEM parts assembled.  The difference between CyberPower and someone like Digital Storm or Origin is testing.  Digital Storm and the like rigorously test the system before shipping, CyberPower does a minimal amount of testing and sometimes ships PCs that don't boot.  This is why with a company like CyberPower, knowing how to fix and build your machine is a good quality to have incase you get one that doesn't boot out of box.

    If the above poster is speaking the truth, then they have improved some and they can probably be acceptable if you only have a moderate knowledge of PC hardware.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    if you can find a company that dont add the useless frill its cheaper to buy premade.but since when you buy premade you cant get the stuff you want and your stuck with the useless junk you do not want.your better off building your own

    everything is plug and play now a day the only issue you might have is the bios and i mean if you want to optimize it ,if you leave it like it is (like most prebuild you ll get very decent computer on the cheap that is 69 ways tweakable(you can always learn that part later

    no uselless trial you got to scrub with decrapifier.com

    just the stuff you use,just make sure its 64 bit,its dx11(doesnt really mather how powerfull since we re all stuck on the small game out there for the moment(32 bit)


  • HeartHazardHeartHazard Member Posts: 8

     i wouldnt go CyberPower or ibuypower.If you really want a good Comp go to a business shop around your town,depending where your living that is.Making a computer is simple but the wires is a pain (in my case) bad wire management is not really good either.Now theres also google which will walk you through step by step to building they even show pictures XD so its all spoonfed.


    Hope what i said helped

  • XerithXerith Member Posts: 970

    Buy a pack of zip ties and go nuts if you are having wiring issues. Bad wiring is a really big leading cause of overheating as the air flow in the case is diminished terribly. You can get a pack of like 100 zip ties for 2 bucks at any Walmart and they help out considerably.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856
    Originally posted by Xerith

    Buy a pack of zip ties and go nuts if you are having wiring issues. Bad wiring is a really big leading cause of overheating as the air flow in the case is diminished terribly. You can get a pack of like 100 zip ties for 2 bucks at any Walmart and they help out considerably.

    lol i should probably have thot of that !ty ! i ll do that tomorrow. i had a fan wire going to motherboard i didnt know what to do with it i think i should have done that at first.

  • ShiymmasShiymmas Member UncommonPosts: 587

    TBH buying a custom PC from a retailer such as those mentioned isn't such a bad thing.  If you're a bit inept at assembling one yourself, it's not a terrible option.  You can do your research, learn what you want, and choose the parts specifically and selectively to fit and work with each other, then order and have it assembled from such a place.


    I chose that option a few years ago through ABS, and I've never had a smoother running machine.  In all, I think I may have paid $1-200 more than if I'd purchased the parts of my system separately and assembled them myself, but at that time I had no confidence in my knowledge to do so, and potentially tossing away time and money on doing so seemed the far dumber option to me.  Actually, as I think about it, the cost difference might have even been more minimal than that, given that I'd have had to had each part shipped individually.


    At any rate, my ABS showed up fully assembled, with several of the actual boxes that contained my PC's parts originally, as well as a binder that contained the included software from those boxes, etc..  Granted they're not DELL, and you won't be calling them up for tech support, but if you're in the realm of building your own PC in the first place, chances are you shouldn't/wouldn't need such support.  Given the option, I'd likely build my own the next go around, but at the present, a handful of upgrades here and there has kept this system in plenty good shape for its uses.


    Bottom line: make informed decisions about what goes into the PC you order, and don't let the naysayers scare you away.  Cyberpower and the like have been around for a good few years now, and plenty of info is available on their reputability if you need to find it.

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  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,254

    You are a digit off.  You can get 1000 zip ties for a couple bucks.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    i dont know about that brand but my hp had a mini atx case good luck trying to fit in standard issue gaming part.

    thats the main reason i had to upgrade .new mobo wouldnt fit in there had to upgrade case .

    stay with the atx size and you wont have size issue of anykind.antec 300 is a nice case come with 2 fan you can add 3 more .so never cooling issue even with the quadcrossfire.

  • KamayorKamayor Member Posts: 52

     well i know a little about pc hardware but ive never actually opened the case but i know what parts to get and stuff i just to trust myself to assemble it right

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