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...why is this game so high rated...not that great



  • UnrealdjUnrealdj Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by Celebi

    Actually I don't get bored with the game because of it's pvp system which is unique like others say... And you can rarely see this kind of pvp nowadays... unlike other mmo clones...


    I agree, when I retract my previous statement.

    I actually did get another few months out of this game cause of the PVP, but thing is about that.

    1. Not everyone wants to pvp to xp

    2. The boring factor still exists for those that don't

    Thats great they have more then 1 way to xp, but still, even you who like AO admitted to xp grinding to get boring fast. And they're just ignoring the community about it. (I know you didn't flat out say it, just kind of seems like you implied)

    So much potential

  • FeldronFeldron Member UncommonPosts: 337
    Originally posted by vixen2

    I don't understand why this game has such a high rating, I didn't find it that great.  It's turn based which is old and time consuming, the graphics aren't that great, the quests aren't innovative, and it's item mall based which generally sucks more money out of players than a p2p game.  Some fanboys must be pumping this score up, or devs from the company, because this game is yuck.


    the crafting system is better then p2p the guild system is better then p2p the game play is different but its ok the tiems have a degree of collectablity and then pvp is fairly balanced

    the game is above avg and out does a p2p in 2 areas they will get it a high rating

    the problem is the cons for the game are just as bad, but no alot of the votes are made after just a short time of playing a most players only play a short time so its understandable the rateing

    although its customer service rate should be at 1 if you dealt with them then you know that

  • dhrddmdhrddm Member Posts: 65


    You need a Artilerist (lv 30 D class merc) and not a canoneer (lv 87 C class merc) to see the opponents health. And most people don't take the artilerist because of this part of the skill but for the very heavy defense decrease that this skill does to the enemy. You can kill enemies twice as fast if you cast deep insight on them.

    Come on... Give me a break!

  • CelebiCelebi Member Posts: 53

    And also, there'sa lot of ways to do in the game not just grinding because you can gain exp just in Free league alone.... And one more thing that makes me stck to the game is that I'm waiting to the TBS(tactical Battler System.. and they called this a Atlantica Troy, if you haven't know about this you can check out this video:


    So this game is really cool never saw other turn based game that has open a TBS as cool as this one.

  • avalon1000avalon1000 Member UncommonPosts: 789

     I found the game to be quite boring so I am not sure why it is so highly rated.

  • stormpuma21stormpuma21 Member Posts: 131

    I dont play anymore, but when i did, i found the game refreshing and entertaining. This game is, bar none, the most polished free to play game out there. It is "constantly" receiving updates and new content. The GMs are very active and hold events in game. Prizes are always being given away. Any problems you may encounter are handled quickly.

    This game has an immense amount of support. Soooooo many NA players. Alot more than you'd expect from your typical asian grind fest. Which it eventually does become unless you spend in the item mall. Speculations of score boosting should be laid to rest. It's a deserved score for a very decent game.

  • ULQQKEDULQQKED Member Posts: 28

    I played the game to level 103.  It is a very different (in a good way) game and the quest line does a GREAT job introducing you to how to play the game and use it's features I wish more games would do this.  The game also has great ideas like donating to noobs as part of quests and other great things like trading what you don't need for what you do.  The cash shop used to have a package that gave you teleportation, auto-battle, and 3 other things that made the game much easier for about $15 a month (normal sub fee) and almost all other things can be purchased on the market but you will have to grind the gold for it.  The PvP being turn based like the rest of the game involves a lot of strategy on what classes you have and what classes the other person has.  I have seen people regularly beat people 10-20 levels above them.

    The down sides are the cash shops return rate on boxed for gear and mounts is well below what it should be, when the main item in the box is one of 20 possible items then you should over time get it once in ever 20 boxes but with about 400 boxes opened I got 6 of the unique items.  I also heard  through my old guild leader GM's can be paid $5 a box to guarantee the unique item each time, and I am pretty sure it's true when you see the message pop up 5 times in about 20 seconds that so and so go a unique item each time.  Once you reach lvl 90 the game SLOWED down for me and I found I had to grind more and more before I could finish quests lines.  The game punished the gold buyers and not the sellers (not a bad thing) there are bots all over the game but if you receive a large sum of gold they are quick to flag and ban your account.

    In all it was a great experience to level 90 for me after that it was a repetitive grind, but I would suggest giving it a try.

  • CelebiCelebi Member Posts: 53

    Boring for some.. because we have different preference when it comes to the games.... for me still unique... specially when the TBS comes this is one of the anticipated feature! weeee

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