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Starcraft 2 beta announcement/starting tormorrow Jan 29th?

coffee2coffee2 Member Posts: 10

We've all be wrong before but Jan 29th 2010 could be the day we atleast get a start date out of Fortress Blizzard for Starcraft 2 beta.

This link brings it all together

So why the buss?......

  • A 1 second clip in a trailer for Jas hall show (which is released tomorrow) shows "welcome to the starcraft beta" on a board behind jason bowder (SC2 lead designer) and they are having a party. Blink and you'll miss it.
  • Community sites have got emails from blizzard asking them to send all winning entries to them by Today Jan 28th for beta keys.
  • WoW and battle net forums undergoing unshedualed maintenace yesterday in the US.
  • Theres a fourth quarter 2009 earnings conference call on feb 10th, great time to tell the investors that beta has started.

I have yet to jizz my pants as tomorrow will either be just another day or a very special day indeed.

AKA "coffee" - serving a temporary ban cus I made a Troll cry.


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