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Apple unveils tablet computer

You would be able to play games, read electronic books, listen to music, watch movies and choose from nearly 140,000 smart-phone applications - all while on the go with Apple Inc.'s new iPad.

The question is whether you would want or need such a device, and be willing to pay $499 or more for it.

After months of hype that culminated in days of water-cooler speculation, Apple unveiled Wednesday the highly anticipated iPad, essentially a personal computer contained in a portable flat-panel touch screen. If the iPad catches on, it could usher in a new era for the tablet computer and redefine the burgeoning market of portable media devices and electronic book readers. 


Here is the link for more details:



  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,246

    Get an Asus Eee Tablet.  Cheaper and has more functionality along with a far greater list of possible applications you can put on it as its a PC.

    The Tablet PC never caught on because they always paired it with some weak video cards and never offered a desktop solution thats reasonably priced.  Whats the point of it if you have to use an Intel IGP, or a 6 year old nVidia IGP?

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