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Dragon Age Endings [Spoiler Alert]

SnakesSnakes Member Posts: 68

Okay, before I go forward...




okay then, now with that out of the way let me proceed.

































A friend of mine (he owns the PC version of Dragon Age) told me that he got one screwed up ending, I have yet to find this ending - and I have some sort of doubt about it but whatever.

Sure you've played through the game you've beaten it many different ways and you've gotten the endings (or are getting them) of: Ultimate Sacrafice (Sacrafice yourself), Alistar Sacrafice, Loghain Sacrafice, Morrigan's Ritual.


Everyone is excited, a Blight is over/has been prevented and the Archdemon has been laid to rest. Whatever the sacrafice (or not) everyone mourns and can't believe what they have done. You're getting the slides and you learn of Harrowmonte's death (for example), the alienage is under repairs, Morrigan has bolted on you and the Mage tower is being rebuilt... to name a few things. YAY! WOO-HOO! Cue the credits.


Now that is the traditional way. However my friend claims that his ending was weird, in fact he claims that he was visted by the Archdemon in camp and he spoke with the Archdemon - through dialouge the Archdemon and the Gray Warden strike a deal. The deal: The Gray Warden slays the Archdemon and through the deal the Gray Warden becomes the next Archdemon.

I have never gotten this ending, nor do I know how to. He claims if you camp a lot you get the visit.. I played through the game 3 times, camped a lot too, never once did I get this visit by shear luck. Maybe it's my copy? I have the collector's edition for the XBOX 360 - but I doubt that. In addition, there is no achievment for either system (I have the collector's edition guide as well), there is no mention in the game guide, I searched google and nothing came up regarding this. Has anyone else gotten this supposed ending?

Truthfully, it doens't make sense... the Gray Warden is a living, breathing, being. Should the Archdemon's soul enter with the Gray Warden's soul, the soul is destory and the Gray Warden is dead... why is the soul destroyed? He/She is a living breathing being. As Riordin said, if anyone else kills the Archdemon the Archdemon's soul travels through the pipeline and takes control of the nearest Darkspawn.. why? Becaues the Darkspawn are nothing but husks. Empty shells with no soul, nothing. So how would this ending work?

Again, has anyone experienced this Archdemon ending?



  • superslayasuperslaya Member UncommonPosts: 55

    Your friend punked you?

  • SnakesSnakes Member Posts: 68

    I wouldn't say punk'd - he just had that he had beat the game in his Facebook Status one day, we were talking and he claimed that was the ending he got. He then said that someone else he talked to had gotten it - it was a very rare occurance.

    Personally I didn't believe him, but I consulted my guide & checked google just to see. As expected, Nothing.

    But on the off chance that it DID happen (I haven't seen it) I thought I'd ask here perhaps someone else has gotten this claimed ending.

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,403

    You are forgetting the ideal scenario.  You play a female character, marry alistair, then have him administer the finishing blow.  Wham, instant Ruler.

  • SnakesSnakes Member Posts: 68

    Does that actually work Cleffy? I've never married Alistair - I thought the rulers don't get corrinated until after the final battle, I know when Alistair and Anora married, they got married and crowned AFTER the Archdemon died.

    All and all, I never really thought about that ending.. becoming the ruler. I became the King Consort after I chose to marry Anora.

  • EvasiaEvasia Member Posts: 2,827

    I got also pc version special edition and played all races all classes on nightmare to end on occasion i camped also alot but never had this kind of encounter.

    Only thing i saw in camp was that some darkspawn attacked thats all.

    Games played:AC1-Darktide'99-2000-AC2-Darktide/dawnsong2003-2005,Lineage2-2005-2006 and now Darkfall-2009.....
    In between WoW few months AoC few months and some f2p also all very short few weeks.

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