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Mass Effect 2 ... It's making me sad

SnakesSnakes Member Posts: 68

I bet you are now currently thinking: "Ah great, another review" or "Ah great, another person flaming this game". Well sir/madam - you are wrong, thats not this post =)

Now you're wondering.. "Then what's this post all about? Why is it making Snakes sad?" - well first, I'm touched that your concerned and don't want to see Snakes sad. *Grins, Laughs* Well if you keep reading then you'll know.


I currently own a copy of Mass Effect 2: Collector's Edition (for the PC, of course) but the game is making me sad, reason is... I can't play it. I have a copy, it unfortuntly has to sit on my desk to collect dust! OH NO! Fortuntly though, I have Mass Effect 1's Box on top of it so it's protected.

I have the game, I've got the pre-order and the collector's bonuses, but alas they don't do anything. Maybe you're thinking: "It's your PC" Well no it's not my PC, my PC is just fine and COULD run the game no problem... the game isn't installed -- "Problem Solved, install the game" Well no, I can't do that either.

You see, I accidently deleted my saved game(s) (I've cleared it.. probably three times) from Mass Effect while I did a format awhile back (or was it an upgrade to a new OS... can't remember) I simply accidently deleated, so I am currently playing Mass Effect and going to clear it, yet again.

My reasoning: Continue the story with my imported save game.

Now you're thinking "Well, Snakes, you don't need to beat Mass Effect to play Mass Effect 2, you don't need to import it." Well you're right I don't NEED to. However, I do need to -- I want to continue my game with my choices in effect. (I don't know the extent of what carries over and what doesn't - I know not level or skills, but I do get bonuses) I want to cover all grounds to continue my immersion.

Now you're thinking that replaying Mass Effect sucks with Mass Effect 2 on my desk but in all actuality... its not that long of a game. Let's review the progression:

1. Eden Prime

2. The Citadel

3. Novaria / Feros

4. Vimir

5. Novaria / Feros

6. The Citadel (I think)

7. Prothean Planet

8. The Citadel

9. The Final Battle

Now, see - I've removed the sidequests and just presented the main story progression - not that long after all. (Might have missed a planet or two). If you add the side quests, the DLC, the exploration (scanning for minerals and amulets for example) you get a longer game (add in the cinematics and talking... much longer) So all in all, its not that bad to do a replay.


So, Mass Effect 2 is making me sad because I can't play it.. just yet. That's why its not installed, it'd be too tempting - but it makes me sad to look at the box and not be able to play it. Haha.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Please do not tell me what I'm missing or go on about how good it is. =P

P.S.S Please do not post any sort of spolier here, not just for me but for anyone who hasn't gotten as far as you / haven't played it yet. Thank you so much for your cooperation.


  • ElikalElikal Member UncommonPosts: 7,912

    Well, as someone who meticiously preserved his Wizardry 7 savegames for over 10 years until Wizardry 8 came out, I can only say: your own fault. =P

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  • ComnitusComnitus Member Posts: 2,462


  • Praxus1874Praxus1874 Member Posts: 152

     Sir, it may be too late for this to reach you, but here goes.  Tycho from Penny Arcade had found himself in a similar situation, and posted this solution on the PA site.  I hope it helps.



  • SnakesSnakes Member Posts: 68

    Ahaha. 10 Years? Wow - that's a long time.

    Comnitus, I have to agree.

    Pax, Thank you but it was too late ^)^

    =) Now I wasn't blaming anyone, it was indeed my own fault - but I felt like posting the situation, didn't look for an actual answer but needless to say, my post expanded into how short Mass Effect 1 actually was, not that that is a bad thing. Perhaps I felt that I was giving someone some solace as they went through it themselves and was like "OH Damn! Now I gotta play through again, it took forever.. " and so on - fear not though, its a short game.

    After I posted that post, I had Mass Effect 1 beaten again and started to embark down the road of Mass Effect 2 (Things are easier if you know exactly what you're doing and where to go - that also contributed to no time at all in beating the first), and I am happy. But I'm not that far into it and thus I do not wish to talk about the game itself, but I like it.

    In truth, I beat Mass Effect 1 is somewhere between 7 and 12 hours (I think... I'd have to check my save game). That's including much of the exploring and many side-quests (and I didn't even skip through a lot of the movies or chats as I wanted to make the game good for import). Again, it helps if you know what you are doing.

    Also, don't get me wrong. I can (and did) enjoy Mass Effect time and time again.

  • HYPERI0NHYPERI0N Member Posts: 3,515

    I am in a similar situation myself exept that i have never completed the first one  due to the really awefull bugs to this game. Now the bugs are gone i am happily playing it now in preperation of playing the sequell.

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  • ZtekanZtekan Member Posts: 261

    And that you think  bla bla bla

    And that you think bla bla bla


    I dident think anything.

    I dont even know what the thread is about.

    Wierd post

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  • McAvoyMcAvoy Member Posts: 85

    Enjoy beating Mass Effect cause ME2 is dumbed down for the Halo idiots that can't use their brains.

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  • GyrolionGyrolion Member Posts: 37

    Well I will wish you the best of luck beating mass effect 1 and after that playing mass effect 2.

    I still have to wait to buy my own copy.. but i got a ps3 and a xbox 360.. and my xbox 360 is like a jet fighter when turned on.. so its a reason not to buy MS2.... but its so tempting.. arghh.

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  • DeserttFoxxDeserttFoxx Member UncommonPosts: 2,401

    I replayed mass effect 1 exactly hte same way twice becaus ei lost ym save.. well worth it, i beat mass effect 2 without my mass effect 1 save and the game is much different, it doesnt even feel the same, when you use your me 1 save it feels like you actually played a part in shaping the current galaxy and the current events, especially when your past choices come back to you so you can see what good or bad you did.

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  • SabiancymSabiancym Member UncommonPosts: 3,150
    Originally posted by McAvoy

    Enjoy beating Mass Effect cause ME2 is dumbed down for the Halo idiots that can't use their brains.




    The game has been dumbed down for console kiddies.

  • Toquio3Toquio3 Member Posts: 1,074

    Consoles didnt used to be like this, but I think the xbox ruined console gaming, at least for me. Thats what you get when microsoft enters the picture. shit just gets fucked up.

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  • Originally posted by Toquio3

    Consoles didnt used to be like this, but I think the xbox ruined console gaming, at least for me. Thats what you get when microsoft enters the picture. shit just gets fucked up.


    How so? They've made plenty of good games or have been involved with. And for the original poster might as well replay it because if you plan on playing mass effect 3 well then the decisions make a big difference since they carry over.

  • NotNiceDinoNotNiceDino Member Posts: 320

    Actually... I've felt pretty jipped by ME2. I imported my character only to have the plot immediately let me know that none of the choices I made are going to matter much this go-around on account of I'm in a totally diffrent part of the galaxy working for totally diffrent people and my old crew went off and got lives of their own. So far, the only benefit seems to be that on occasion when I'm walking around a major spaceport, some random completely irrelevent person will run up to me and say something the affect of, "Hey, remember that guy you didn't kill in the last game? He says Hi!"

    I mean, I don't know what I was expecting, but at least thought something like you know... whether or not I chose to save the council would you know... matter somehow, aside for a casual passing refrence to it.

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