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DFO community better than MO? this person thinks so

trashburnertrashburner Member UncommonPosts: 32

In regards to the most improved feature of DFO he writes:

"The community

I think the best thing that has improved on this game is simply the community. Most of those who have the patience of a fruit fly have left the game, went to MO then got disappointed again as most of us had predicted. Most people here now understand that if there is a game feature we feel needs changing that posting our view on the board without all the emotional adjectives and then leave the subject alone that eventually the team will look into it seriously if most people agree. Now posting a view with a lot of agreements doesn’t mean it will happen because of game architecture, design and vision needs to be accounted for by the developers but I think most people understand this.

I do not make light of the community issue, it was extremely bad the first two quarters the game came out. It made me not want to talk to anyone in the game ever. This is getting much better.


I do not miss those players."

I guess its not true that those that enjoy pvp in a harsh environment are all 12-yo living in their moms basement after all. 

I remember a lot of MO fans saying that MO in beta was 1000x better than DFO is currently so I have to wonder if those are the dissapointed people he was talking about. 

I wonder if MO will be filled with these people who have the "patience of a fruit fly" at first too and then after the spoilt children leave, the community will eventually get better just like it has in DFO.

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