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xSevendustxxSevendustx Member Posts: 7

Wow. I can not believe the Planet Offer is coming to a end. I was looking forward to playing the planet offer this summer when I was able to dedicate more time to the game.

I hope in the coming months the planet offer can return.




  • jaybud4jaybud4 Member UncommonPosts: 2


    Damn.  I think it didn't even last as long as Auto Assault, and even THAT was a painfully short run for the only game of its kind...

  • faseleifaselei Member Posts: 155

    Dear Mayors,

    First of all we want to thank you for your support since Cities XL was released in October of last year, and as far back as October 2007 for some of you.

    In early 2007 we decided to be those who would make a new offer to City Builder games fans. Right from the start Cities XL has always been an innovative project regarding its online dimension. Of course, trying something new always comes with a risk.

    Three months after the launch we have to admit that the subscription rate is lower than what we expected and therefore the Planet Offer is not sustainable. Not enough players decided to subscribe.

    Therefore, it is with deep regret that we decided to put an end to the Planet Offer as of March 8th 2010. It will no longer be possible to subscribe to the game starting Monday February 1st 2010.

    Nevertheless the Cities XL adventure goes on! Cities XL will evolve into a fully single player game. As soon as march the Bus will be added for free in the solo game. At the same time we also keep on working on new content and new features to keep on improving Cities XL.

    We do realize that some of you were real fans of the Planet Offer, and loved to be able to visit other player’s cities and trade tokens between players. There are simply not enough of us.

    Thank you again for your understanding and support.

    For more detailed information, read the FAQ here.

    - The Monte Cristo team


    Kind of a shame. As in the other thread, i thought the concept of an online city builder, was a good one. But the execution was poor.

    If it had followed the same sort of concept as NationStates and ERepublik etc it might have worked better than the 'none' game which the Planet Offer was.

    Hopefully this is the not the end of the game. They can still charge for the GEMs and other major updates.

    With any luck PO will return at some point in the future.


  • jonyakjonyak Member Posts: 320

    we told them this would fail in beta... didn't listen did they.

  • hgfhfhfghhgfhfhfgh Member Posts: 14
    Originally posted by jonyak

    we told them this would fail in beta... didn't listen did they.


    pmsl "WE told them" you dork , you were never in the beta stop lying.

  • BountytakerBountytaker Member Posts: 323
    Originally posted by hgfhfhfgh

    Originally posted by jonyak

    we told them this would fail in beta... didn't listen did they.


    pmsl "WE told them" you dork , you were never in the beta stop lying.


    I can confirm that he was, indeed, in the beta, and that he did post quite a few critiques of the design as it was.


    But none of that matters now.  They blew it, and, with the response I'm seeing, it might in fact be the last attempt at this type of mmo.  Which makes me a saaaaaaaaddddd panda.

  • faseleifaselei Member Posts: 155

    Actually the bonkers thing is about 90% thought this was dumb and told them so.

    The PO was a let down...

    They annoyed solo players by not including content they said they would.

    Then they deleted the community forums.

    Then they didn't deliver a load of stuff they said they would.

    Then they ramped up the price of the online offer.


    This is maybe the first decent move!

    Just sell a game and expansions. Shame they didn't get it work.

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