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just started today

Hi everyone.

Today I read few things about DAOC and decided that I want to give it a try, the thing is, that it would probbely be boring because the low levels zones would be abandoned so I wanted to ask if there is anyone here who would like to start a new charcater and play with me, or maybe someone else wants to give it a try to, etc...

I'm from europe...


  • Hello Flo :)

    I'm sure you'll find someone to help out.

    My account is down at the moment due to employment issues :) but if you pm me your char name i'll log in when I can and help out on a bot acct i have access to.

    I'm in England so same time zone.

    Best bet is to work your way through the start zone till about level 10 and then hit the main game.






  • einexileeinexile Member UncommonPosts: 197

    I am so in love with Warhammer right now for some reason, I figured I would give this game yet another try. The first two times just didn't click with me but Warhammer hasn't changed all that much so I figure maybe I have.

    I think my usual names are taken up by my previous tries, so I'll edit this when I figure that out and maybe I can meet up with you guys. I do want to start in Midgard, though. I still have a soft spot for that place. I remember it being pretty easy to get around, however.

    einexile the meek
    Vacuos, Winterlong, Vaciante, Eicosapenta
    Atlantean, Tyranny, Malton

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