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While playing computer games my text becomes scrambled/ommitted

SpadervxSpadervx Member Posts: 1

 Alright so a little while ago i upgraded to windows 7 Home premium. Then i started having this problem that kept recurring.  Every time i play a mmorpg the text within the game will become scrambled. then it will go back to readable then scrambled again. it is really annoying, specially when im trying to talk to someone and the text gets scrambled and i cant see what they are saying to me. At first i just thought that it was this one game i was playing, but then every mmo i played the text would become scrambled then go back to normal.  someone has suggested that i try updating my driver ,but my computer keeps telling me its up to date so that cant be the problem.


Service pack 2 (SP2)


Video card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 series Express Chiptset family



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