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My Wonderking adventure..

moosimusmoosimus Member Posts: 1

1. When i started playing i thought hey? this looks like maplestory. When i was walking at elgaill town. I saw a gm and i traded him and begged for some money, and he gave me some heachi cards. I thought wtf??? so i walked to the FM and said : WTS heachi cards and like 5 ppl immideatly like : omg memememe i said 1 card for 100k. and because of that i never stop playing WK but i stopped now until the game really opens because my friends also stopped playing WK.

2. I still didnt knew till some few days ago why he gave me those cards. im really glad about it tho... thank you GM i wont forget you!!!!





IGN: Naona

come and play wonderking its so fun!!!!

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