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How to save Potbs using KISS

DJXeonDJXeon Member UncommonPosts: 553

KISS is the keep it simple stupid policy.

It was promored as a PVP mmorpg, there is no red zone Potbs PvP combat worth speaking of, red zones are dead.

PVP players mostly quit due to forced grind & time in eco.

Since recently re-subbing have leveled a pirate bucc up to 50 mostly in red zones all around Tortuga.

Was never attacked or ganked once!

Red zone PVP combat is mostly dead.

The new blockading feature is working well, a lot of players using it for more red zones & PB's

Potbs has been bleeding PvP players since closed beta.



Double the amount of movs for PVP combat winners

Give a participation mov to PVP losers & skirmish winners.

Movs as part of rewards in epic missions.

Implement a direct mov for dbl exchange at 10k each to reduce daily grind.

Implement a direct mov for LSB or refit exchange to reduce days in the economy.

Now going down to only two servers nothing has worked so what have FLS you got to lose?

 It could transform & save the game.


  • TorikTorik Member UncommonPosts: 2,342

    That's just complicating the game more.  If you want to simplify the game you probably have to get rid of the economy side of it and allow players easy access to ships without having to grind currentcy for them. 

    The Faction vs Faction PvP in the game got broken almost from the beginning and the devs have been boosting PvP pretty much since day one.  This has resulted in forcing the PvE players out and made the game unapealing to economy players.  All that remained were the PvP players and to them the faction system did not offer any advantages or special strategic or empire-building options. 

    The best part of the game has always been the ship combat system.  So teh devs have to cut out the stuff that is holding the ship fighting down and make it fun and accessible. 

  • buegurbuegur Member UncommonPosts: 453

    I think anytime you have concrete losses in PvP your catering to a minority of players.  Most casual players don't like the bother of having to buy/build things they can lose for a few minutes of combat.  Originally the game had ways to get stuff such as various ships and outfitting without having to buy them on the open market, and I thought that helped the casuals do a bit more PvP, then they got insurance but that didn't seem to do a lot more to attract the PvE crowd either.  Now the market/economy is so messed up that I'm not sure you can buy a boat anymore for a price your willing to risk it for casual fun.  I'm surprised the developers haven't come up with more support roles for the casual players that didn't include PvP, as that would of retained more peeps. 

  • DJXeonDJXeon Member UncommonPosts: 553
    Originally posted by Torik

    That's just complicating the game more.  If you want to simplify the game you probably have to get rid of the economy side of it and allow players easy access to ships without having to grind currentcy for them. 

    Exactly, it's KISS simply because its easy to implement & let's PVP players which are only 20% of players but an essential part of Potbs to create ship loss for a thriving economy  without spending hours grinding dailiy missions or building ships.

    FLS need to make LSB's or refits easier to obtain so that players are not forced into closed group econ or doing mindless daily grinds.

    Dailies and halving the labour time facilitated closed-loop econ over free market econ.

    Forcing players to do anything they don't like is bad.

    Giving them more options to earn movs or dbls doing what they choose is good.



  • DJXeonDJXeon Member UncommonPosts: 553

    In a more general sense these are the areas the FLS devs need to focus on:

    LSB's forced players into closed econ.

    Some missions force players into the red.

    PVP players are forced to grind daily missions.

    Casual players are forced to group.

    Solo players are forced into 1v6.

    Shipwrights forced to multi account production.

    Low populated nations are forced into no-win PB's.

    I'm sure they are doing so to some extent so it may just be a question of being patient & hope that the population drain does not continue after the server merges.

    YES Potbs can be saved! FLS are hopefully not far off from doing so.


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