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KryzizKryziz Member UncommonPosts: 127

Excel Cartel [EXLC] located in best TrueSec systems in Insmother currently holds Sov with RECON Alliance and is now recruiting. Here are some of the benefits of joining our corporation:

Located in 0.0 in a dead-end pocket constellation

Strict NBSI Policy

Roaming Gangs with plenty of reds and neuts

Mining Ops with access to over 100 belts including ABCs and Krystallos

Angel ratting with 1.85m bounties

Wormhole Operations

Booster Manufacturing

Well-stocked Market with reasonable prices on everything you'll need here.

Level 4 and Level 5 upgraded systems

Two stations in the constellation where RECON has Sov

Players across all TZ with emphasis on PST/EST in US

Killboard and forums to share with friendly pilots in your new alliance.

Here are some of our requirements for our pilots:

Required use of headset or microphone for voice comms on our upgraded Ventrilo server preferably with clear, fluent spoken English to reduce confusion during fleet ops.

An absolute minimum of 10m SP

Limited API, character loading screenshot required to discourage pilots from having alts in other corporations.

Preferably some familiarity with living in 0.0 space

Contact Orr Wel in-game for more information about our exciting employment opportunities in EXLC today.



We want you to RAT, MINE, BUILD SHIPS AND MODS, DO WH'S, but most important we want you to fleet up when the Alliance asks. 

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