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A couple of questions:)

ShariShari Member UncommonPosts: 746

Hi all, first issue I have is that I can't seem to keep myself with enough food. By the time I have foraged enough and cooked it up, I am starving and eating what I have just made only replenish's my starvation a little. Any suggestions?

Also is there a starting guide anywhere?



  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    There is a starting guide in Golden Valley, the free trial server. There are a few NPC around that will give you a brief idea of what to do, namely how to cut down trees, mine, etc. The more important one being the "bartender", who will raise your food/drink/nutrition to full within the first 24 hours of your character. After that, it's up to you.

    As for how to feed yourself, here is my recommendation;

    1. Fishing - try to ask for a pole or make one yourself, you can fish while starving and eat it raw.

    2. Cooking - the food goes further once you cook it, but even then you need some skill or else you'll produce food under 10ql that will not even match up to raw fish. It takes time. As for how to get started; find a place to live, make a forge or oven (need clay/stone), then use the oven to bake pottery bowls that you can use for cooking in (like 15 or so). You put one berry and one herb together in it to make a casserole, then you can add fish or meat to the mix to add weight.

    Also, here is a neat trick to get cooking skill pumped quickly;

    Put all the herbs in one bowl/backpack, and the berries in another, and shove both in the oven/forge. The ingrediants will get super hot inside the bags, but not cook, then you can combine them in an already hot bowl and they will cook into a meal within seconds, granted skill gains quickly.


    Hope that helps, and enjoy this awesome game.

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