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My Amazing Adventure on WonderKing :D

TrainheartTrainheart Member Posts: 1

  WonderKing is a online MMORPG created by smart and amusing creators. This game is nothing compared to other 2D MMORPGs like Maplestory or Illutia or other 2D MMOs. My WonderKing adventure was worth the thrill nothing was relatively too easy or hard but the only thing that mattered is that it gave me the addiction and adrenaline rush to play. Everyday just had to be a thrill and the society is very nice and cooperative. Comparing to Maplestory, WonderKing has a well-rounded gameplay where all of it's components are threaded together excellently. WonderKing entices the players with it's colorful gameplay and classes. Each class has it's own role in WonderKing and the skills have good effects and visuals. Every Since I started playing with my friends leveling up was easy compared to other games and playing with my favorite classes were so much better than the arches and assassins on Maplestory. WonderKing also gives people many chances to become strong and the biggest thrill of the game (sometimes) is the thrill of chance such as trying to obtain holy items in star portals or fighting monsters non-stop, which never is boring, to obtain rare drops. Till this day WonderKing doesn't stop to amuse me :D.

Come. Join. Play.

IGN: xShadowWolfx

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