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Fallen Earth: Auctions Explained

darkbladeddarkbladed Member Posts: 193

Selling your stuff in Fallen Earth

Hello this is Allison Frost again;

This time I will be showing you how to list an auction in Fallen Earth.


First you are going to need to find yourself an auctioneer

Meet Rodney Hassle; one of the friendly auctioneers at New Flagstaff.

Rodney will help you find a buyer for your ill gotten goods.

First let’s open the auction window;

You will see what I already typed “motorcycle key” in the search bar.

It seems that only one person is selling a motorcycle key (used to spawn a motorcycle vehicle).

The other two are selling higher level versions of motorcycles.

They have listed their motorcycle at 75 blue chips to start (Bid) and 1 red chip to buy out (BO).

Also underneath the item name you will see that it has 23 hours left to sell.

I next go to the “Create Auction” tab to well... create my auction.


Now I go to my inventory and drag the motorcycle key I have already crafted into the “Sell Box”.


Then I type in what I want the starting bid to be; I chose 45 as I think it is a fair price.

Then I add a Buyout price; this time at 75 (usually I try to put it a bit lower than the other offerings).

Then I have to decide of a time Limit.

My choices are 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 day, and 2 days.

I chose 8 hours as my price is very reasonable.

Each time limit has a fee attached to it 2 blue chips and 18 white chips for 8 hours.

Next I go to the “My auctions” tab on the top;

As you can see my motorcycle key is now listed on this page.

It also shows up on the main auction window on the “Auctions tab”.

As you may have noticed my listing is highlighted in blue for easy reference.

I hope this has helped people understand the auction system.

Be on the lookout for my next two tutorials:

Simple Crafting (will be posted later today)

and Complex Crafting (posted in about a week) which will show you how to build a motorcycle.

See ya then!




  • DolmongDolmong Member Posts: 515

    Hey Allison Frost, I'm so appreciate your work !! =)

    Keep it up !! and I hope I'll meet you in game soon !! =)

  • NeVeRLiFtNeVeRLiFt Member UncommonPosts: 380

    Thanks for doing this.

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