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  • junzo316junzo316 Member UncommonPosts: 1,712
    Originally posted by Chieftan

    Originally posted by junzo316

    Originally posted by Chieftan 
    I had never played a MMO that sent you from one quest NPC to the next until I played WoW beta.  So yes I'm going to say LOTR is a WoW clone when the gameplay is very similar.  Also the difficulty level and all classes being able to solo is very similar to WoW.  Those concepts were unheard of before WoW went into open beta.
    Graphics are subjective but the wolves in the starting area look pretty cheap compared to anything in WoW. 


    This isn't true.  CoH had  NPC questing and it came out 6 months or so before WoW and you also had the ability to solo to max.  Everything didn't start with WoW.  Not saying it started with CoH either just pointing to it as an example.


    No I think a very large portion of MMO gameplay that we see now and LOTR included started with WoW. 

    Blizzard was so far ahead of the curve that developers were pillaging their ideas while it was still in beta.  They should have patented their damn interface.  EQ2 was overhauled twice--once after WoW open beta started and again after it launched as SOE scrambled to keep up with Blizzard.


    The comment was for the section in red.  There were some MMO's before WoW that had this type of content.  And, of course, LotRO may have copied a few things from WoW, but WoW copied most of it's features from other games.  Saying WoW started the current trend of MMO's is like saying McDonald's started the fast food franchise.

  • Originally posted by Chieftan

    You're not reading very well.  Most MMOs on the market bear more resemblance to WoW than EQ.  It's been the standard that everybody's copied since it launched. 


    I came from DAoC to WoW and noticed nothing earth-shaking. It seems like another MMO, better done than many, but in the end, just an MMO. IMO the best thing it had was Blizzard's humor in the quest lines. The Lazy Peons is sitll one of my favorite quests.

  • ljubisaljubisa Member Posts: 13

    nothing from it

    Maybe Warhamer online 

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