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Considering returning to AO

panachepanache Member UncommonPosts: 397

Hi i'm considering returning to AO and have some questions.

Can i use my old retail copy of AO to install the game?

Would i be better to download the full client and if i did whats the size of it and how much is the monthly cost....i believe 5 euros?

Any tips appreciated :)



  • DecrecyDecrecy Member Posts: 6

    The full client is 2 - 2.5 GB. I'm not sure if you can use your old retail copy and patch your way through. either way you will have to download most of the game so it might be just as easy to download the full client. 


    There should be a subscription with a monthly fee of 5 euros, but then you won't get access to the newest expansions. You will get the "original" game, notum Wars and Shadowlands for that fee. If you want access to the Alien Invasion, Lost Eden and Legacy of Xan the monthly subscription fee is 14.95. There's also a FTP version which gives you access to the "original" game and Notum Wars.


    This is atleast how it was half a year ago.


    AO is still very enjoyable after all these years and I hope you enjoy your trip to Rubi-Ka:-)


    Hello. I'm Decrecy and i'm an AOcoholic

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