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My Thoughts and experiance on STO

mrputtsmrputts Member UncommonPosts: 271

Ok, First off I just got beta key from the contest here. I Spent the time like 6 hours downloading it from bit torrent. After I got into the game I made my character. Then tried to log in and got booted. Couldn't log in for a while. Once I was able to log in the character I made must have not saved because I had to make another. (No Big Deal)

I went into this game with no expectations what so ever.

After pissing around with the controls for a little bit I headed to the space station. I must I am not very impressed. That station seems empty. Not at all like you would see in the movies or shows. (I'm sure lag issues come into play.)

Accepted my first few missions killing borg. AI seems kinda dumb but it's like wow boars so i guess you have to suspend disbelief a little. Ground combat is similar to WOW but hardly any LOS. I was hiding behind a bench and the borg weapons were passing right through it hitting me. I Personally think cover should play a role in projectile combat.. The away team is rather stupid, they will stand in one place not following you until you are rather far away. Kinda sucks and really can't replace humans. That being said when you are playing with other people on an away team mission it really seems to me that you have no idea what the fuck is going on. All mission objectives get updated no matter what. So you can burn through a mission rather fast.


On to Space combat. Well it's more like eve in combat except you control your ship. You have to keep turning so the enemy is attacking your shielded side. Additionally you have to turn to keep yourself firing on your enemies unshielded side. I have suffered no lag issues with the space combat. I did this one mission at space station 24 where the klingons were attacking it was like a wow raid. There had to be at least 30 people or so. And just swarms of enemies. (Some that died in one shot, some you had to really fight.) The battle looked epic just like you would expect a space battle would look between to waring nations.


I did however find some graphical glitches and minor problems. When you transfer from your spaceship to an away team mission sometime my avatar would stay the spaceship. LOL but only for a brief moment. Also when I go to loot there seems to be a lag from the button press to the time the window opens for me to loot.


All in all I am enjoying it. Not sure if i will spend the money to get this game (Not sure how much depth the game has.), but is fun to play for free.



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