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Canadian Gaming (Republic Guild)

Canadian Gaming Guild


Ventrilo Server //


Recruitment Council//Officers: Open

Recruitment Guild Members: Open

About Us

We are a mature gaming community representing Canada and before even thinking of representing Canada. You must have professionalism & respect. We don't accept whiners & quitters. We will always hold our heads up high after every battle or raid. Our ranks are made to represent Canada so we based them on the Canadian Armed Forces. The guild city (if we are allowed to make) will be of a Canadian city or something to represent our heritage. If your into role playing sorry but this guild won't be for you. We are all about being the best and doing whatever it takes to get there. This guild will work and be ran like a team so everyone has to contribute their little bit (Yes, that includes the grinding part). We will be raiding from 7-11 CST 3 or 4 days a week that would be PvE (or however long it takes to clear the weekly content & times are subject to change since we don't know how long the end game content will be but it will be somewhere around that time) - (PvP will be included in our guild on off days but its not a requirement and is just for fun).

If you like both PvE & PvP and want to be in a guild that's going to make it to the top of the server on day one then this is the right guild for you. We do take Forum apps but I believe just by talking to someone you can get to know them and see if they are the right person. (so go to the site and click "contact administrator" if u want to set up an interview)

(We are all about the LuLz and having fun but if you make a mistake i'll tell you this ahead of time we will call you out on it so if you would overreact in this kind of situation then this might not be the best place for you as we are all about steam rolling through content and being the best while having fun and enjoying laughs)

More Info in short:

We run stuff like a democracy and our council will be representing the people also helping to plan future raids etc. Our Council will consist of 12 representatives which will represent about 10-20 members each.

Even more info in short:

To become a member you must follow simple rules like respect officers and others in the guild. We are a no drama guild and nothing will ever be tolerated but we will call people out on mistakes and I expect the same to be done to councilors as well.

Region: North America

Timezone: CST (CST is the timezone the raids we do will be planned in but accept all timezones)

Gameplay: PvE (PvP on off days but your not forced to really show up unless you signed up)

Ventrilo: A must (College kids who have that stuff blocked i can show you how to bypass or even just go look it up)

Age: 17+ (We only accept mature people so if you think your 15 or 16 and you follow rules and act mature we won't stop you from applying)

Just register an account through our website jump on vent if no-one is there - arrange a time for us to have an interview on vent from the contact button on site

PM me If you have any questions

If any Americans are reading this "My beer is stronger then yours"

Edit: I was talking it over with some people interested in the guild. If their is an option for both Sith & Republic to be in a guild we will most likely go that way.

Edit 2.0: We will be playing on a PvP server if the servers go kinda like how most games go.

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