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How are these games voted on?

Was just wondering How these games become game of the year or century or any of the other titles that places like this give these games? I played Aion when it first came out, I came out to this site to find another game, after playing Wow for almost 4 years. (or close to it) this site rated Aion "the game of the year" So I thought, this is what I am looking for. After reading all the reviews here, I went out and bought it. I have alomost $120 wrapped up in it at this point ( I got a 3 month subscription) (which is still good til Mar 5) This game sucks, I have played alot of MMorpgs before and never felt as ripped off as I do buying this game. I won't go into all the troubles the game has, but wanted to know who voted for this? Did they actually play it?

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