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I was ganked and they took my new horsey....

LiquidWolfLiquidWolf Member CommonPosts: 516

I kid... I kid...

I have two nieces who play PC games about 5 or 6. Strangely enough they are quite good at it.

I'm curious if this is a good game for kids in their age group. Their parents keep a close watch on them, but don't want to introduce them to anything like World of Warcraft or Mortal Online... which I agree with. Still, I'd like to introduce them to something as a gift. If this game is more for  teens/adults than young children... then i'd rather keep them away.

Are there parental controls? Game Time Limitations?

Free-Realms and Wizard 101 were other games i'll be looking into as well, but I wanted to see what the general response on this one was.

Thanks for your time.


  • TanonTanon Member UncommonPosts: 176

     This game still includes violence and theft.

  • SevenOmaticSevenOmatic Member UncommonPosts: 176

    is this game an April fools joke or something?

  • MandyPantsMandyPants Member Posts: 3

    Game is totally verbally PG...couldn't use words like Hussy or even Stupid the words get block out...LOL like" that is crazy stupid"...LOL is a bad word.

    Your safe in that area :)

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