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Tibia: Rule enforcement & cheaters. Help required.

MarereMarere Member Posts: 25

Hi guys.

I've decided to join your Community having seen that there are a lot of experienced MMORPGs players who might be able to help me. 

Let me write a short preface :

Tibia is a 2D mmorpg with an average of 40k ops started in 1997. I've joined it in 1998 and, even with some breaks due to RL matters, I'm still there around.  Since winter 2005 we are dealing with an annoying issue: cheaters. Given that best part of you don't know Tibia, I won't post any boring detail and I go straight to the point adding just few infos to let you understand better which kind of help I'm asking here..

Tibia Rule Enforcement is basically based on a simple system: Rules, Customer Service, Gamemasters and Tutorship.

Each simple player can join Tutoship ranks through an automatic test and, after 3 months and no bad reports he receives the Orange Cape of Senior Tutor. When a Senior Tutor shows to have a great Tibia Knowledge, a fair and polite attitude and behaviour for a very long time, he can be eventually hired with the Gamemaster Blue Cape (active Rule Enforcement: banishments & co).

To deal with botters (30 days bann) has been always a Gamemasters' duty untill 2009, when CIP (Tibia legal owner) decided to change its anti-cheats strategy: an average of randomly selected 5k accounts banned each month between all automatically detected ones.

Basically, when an account is caught using illegal macroes, it receives 30 days banishment and a so called "final warning" (all out of final, since it vanishes 6 months after the date of the criminal record)  but his illegally earnt cash/skills/levels aren't harmed by it. One year later the number of cheaters is almost the same.


All this said, since few days ago CIP launched an internal discussion between Tutorship and Gamemasters to rediscuss the Rule Enforcement policy, I'm here to ask you if you have ideas about how to fix this real plague and if the simple  banishment is the only way to punish unfair players or there are alternatives already working in your MMORPGs.


All help will be really, really appreciated :).









  •  Hello,

    Unfortunately, the majority of the community loathes Tibia. I myself am a veteran player. I was first introduced to the game about 8 years ago, didn't start really playing until 2006, then retired for 2 years from the game. Late in 2008 I came back to find many of my friends still playing. I started playing again with my Sorcerer at level 45. I kept dying and getting frustrated from losing levels so I started playing my paladin which was level 29. Long story short, I crushed it for an entire year reaching level 200. My character name is Meritshoota if you want to look me up.

    Now I felt like I've overplayed the game and went exploring into other MMO's. I'm glad I did, I'm finding some cool games out there that fit my taste. I still log in to see my friends and I'm still a vice leader of the most powerful neutral guild on our server of Keltera. I'm now writing about my adventures, reviewing other games, and living my dream as a gamer.

    Now the matter at hand, cheaters. I will admit to you I've used a bot before, not your typical afk cave bot. I used it to loot bodies because dragging each item, holding control for stacks of items, and looting each corpse was archaic. I still mashed my hotkeys, healed myself, and selected monsters to attack on my own. However, on my own free will I decided to stop using the bot for a few reasons. My guild mates frowned upon it and I thought the game was more challenging and exciting without the bot at all.

    The reason Cipsoft cannot get rid of all botters at once. They took action too late, simply. By the time their automatic system was implemented, I estimate about 80% of people currently were cheating or had cheated in the last 2 months.

    P.S. The highest level in Tibia, Lord'Paulistinha was deleted in the last mass ban.

  • DrazoDrazo Member UncommonPosts: 25

    The problem has always been that Cip doesn't punish cheaters hard enough.

    And why should they, most of them are paying customers with several accounts.

    Many wel know cheaters don't even get caught at all by the automated system.

    If they really wanted to stop the problem they would simply instant delete cheaters.

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