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is this game any good?

quickman007quickman007 Member Posts: 125

i was at my friends place and he downloaded it, but when he went to move his character flew across the map o.O hes got a decent computer though. does this always happen or was it just his comp? i know this is a fairly popular mmo so i thought i would try it


  • enoch777enoch777 Member Posts: 6

    It's the same old tired typical fantasy mmorpg. You kill stuff outside the starting town, move to next area kill stuff, move to next area kill stuff, move to the next area and kill stuff but also get killed by annoying PvPers.


    Its' only thing that makes it stand out is that it's "bloody". But is that really reason enough for you to play? It's a grind fest Korean game.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    if i recall ,in other part of the world its called dekaron!

  • trikkitrikki Member Posts: 58

    so this game is all about pvp? any pve content,when reached the max level?

  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486

    Originally posted by trikki

    so this game is all about pvp? any pve content,when reached the max level?

    content?..good joke

    no there is no pve at high level..and that someone ever reached max lvl is a myth

  • SinjynSinjyn Member Posts: 5

    Just DL'd this game today. Played for a while and the first impression was good. Not hard to figure out. Massive spam in chat, had to turn it off. When I say massive I mean MASSIVE spam. Graphics are pretty cool. Typical hack, level, gear/stat up, hack, level,repeat.

    Interesting sound. Decent concept. Grind came quick though. Lag is pretty bad at times. Character would just run off at times. 

    I will probably uninstall after I post this. So, that tells you a lot, but I am really picky and hard to impress. I can see how someone would keep this around to tinker with. It is fun but shallow.

    I think I'll make my funk the P-Funk

  • nlnforevernlnforever Member Posts: 38

    This game is quite ok in my opinion. However, you may seek for more advanced game after playing this game awhile.

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