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Prepaid Cards



I'm thinking of returning to play DaoC but one of the reasons i left was the lack of players on the EU servers and from what I've read this hasn't changed much. Anyway i have 2 prepaid cards left from when i used to play before. They are UK versions which i bought instore from a UK retailer and I'm wondering if its possible for me to play on the US servers by using them or do they only allow me to play on the EU servers?


Thanks in advance


  • KappenWizKappenWiz Member UncommonPosts: 162

    They probably won't work on the US servers.  The US and European servers were run independently by two different companies.

    You might just want to apply those cards to your EU account before you lose them.  GOA is closing and the EU accounts will be moving to the US servers in the coming weeks, so you should be able to use the play time when the accounts move.


    This is the info so far on the move.

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