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CoX Customization Survey

 Hi All,

I am part of a game research team at Teachers College, Columbia Unv., NY. We are conducting a survey as part of a study on customization and its effect on player motivation and enjoyment. This survey is conducted entirely for academic research purposes, and it is not affiliated with NCSoft. If you would like to fill out the survey please copy and paste the related link provided below (the forum does not let me post a link so I just put down the part of after www). Also, there is more information and a consent form that you can read before you start to fill out the survey.


Thanks very much for your time,

Sonam Adinolf + Selen Turkay

p.s. I read the forum rules, and I'm almost 100% sure this follows them, since we're not selling anything and we don't work for any corporation, or we are not using any offensive words. If you have any comments, feel free to post them here. We'll be checking back here regularly for a while.

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