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cloud gaming ?

drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856
lol i read the idea about this,sorry its in french
streaming a game online!get real!i rarelly stream movies and i hit 80 gig/month very easy
if i streamed game like say aion or other nice game it would be what
10k gig/month come on those guys live on another planet,probably backed up by the cable industry lol
microcosoft donnybrook essencial solution
is the only solution for any cloud computing solution to work for online gaming.pico bandwith demand
insanely high setting graphic way higher then today.since we wouldnt send graphic over the net but just the bot info .graphic are never a factor.

cloud gaming as onlive or other are trying to push will never fly since it assume
you have unlimited amount of gigabyte avail
dont believe me take your cellphone
open it say synced to your computer leave it at home open all day as a gamer would do for cloud gaming
then show us your bill next month

it would be the same result for cable bill insanelly high billing cost
no sane gamer would accept a bad solution like that lol
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