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europe only?

cdubbzcdubbz Member UncommonPosts: 38

 i tried to download this game but it took forever with the link from the site. so i went to gamershell, where i normally go to download a game but the only servers i could use were european. is this game closed to NA?


  • L0stL0st Member Posts: 77

    I think it is.

  • hukepihukepi Member Posts: 2

     I''m in NA and I'm playing it =x I suggest you try going to fileplanet for the download~

  • felinemagicfelinemagic Member Posts: 26

    The game is open to North America, I downloaded it from one of  the European servers just fine and I'm in New York.

    As an aside, I wish they'd dump the music on the game's official website, the page loads slow to begin with...


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