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drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

crap!saw bungie site i was hoping for this on pc !rumor is its xbox only,300 player!if the rumor is true!outch! saw their cg video

and it look nice!ok!!ok!! it looks AWSOME!and one thing is sure this piece is a very well kept secret nobody knows a thing about this super secret multiplayer mode.only one thing come to mind (microsoft donnybrook)its the only piece of technology that could be worth keeping a secret .since ms tech say it was possible to go to a 1000 player with that on in what they tested

did ms and bungie go beseark mode ! we ll seeone thing for sure its avail only on xbox.   this is their page project if you want to snoop around!

enjoy if you havent seen it already!this is their second cg of the game i believe!



  • MMOBaconzMMOBaconz Member Posts: 20

    They basically sole beta "keys" for Reach when Bungie sold ODST. The multiplayers no secret. And hopefully this will include a way better ranking system as well as an even displacment of small-close maps and big-open maps for both types of gameing. Also cant wait to see where they start the campaign, since the book starts as the training and selection of the SPARTAN-II's it'll be interesting to see where the game starts.

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