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MMORPG to consoles

MotearMotear Member Posts: 18

Im new to the whole console thing, just last year bought my first xbox 360 (elite)... Been playing PC for years.  I have not seen any good fantasy online games that have a massive online play like WoW.  Is there any?  If not why?  Is it because PC's can handle the graphics better etc?  My old fingers can't handle the left clicking and typing anymore and it would seem so much easier to play a game like WoW on the console, which brings me to my next topic (controllers for PC games.)


  • RajenRajen Member Posts: 689

     Hmm well Final Fantasy XI is on the 360 but I honestly would not start that game now since XIV is about to be released and FFXI is kind of dated (don't get me wrong I love it and played it for years) it just isn't something that is friendly to newer players now.

  • BoreilBoreil Member UncommonPosts: 448



    EQoa ( Everquest on ps2) was by far the best mmo ever , if not just for the full open seamless EQ world with NO zone's and NO loading . FFxi also is proly the second best mmo , and both are console mmorpgs .  I have high hopes for console mmorpgs to come , maybe EQ next will be the next EQoa.


  • kaiser3282kaiser3282 Member UncommonPosts: 2,759

    Yeah FFXI is about the best one around as far as actual MMORPGs go. Phantasy Star Universe is out there too, though its also a bit dated (still fun) and is pretty much just instanced, not really an explorable open world or anything like that. PSU for 360 has its own servers, and PC & PS2 players are together on different servers from 360.

    Oh and theres also Two Worlds, kind of like Oblivion online... except not as good as Oblivion, and again largely instance like, basically pick a zone, load into it, do quests there, then go back to lobby and pick a new zone and quest there. The PvP is also completely seperate (and horrible IMO). You basically go to the PvP server, pick a generic toon from the like 4 or 5 classes available, and go fight. Absolutely no progression or actually "owning" your character on the pvp side, its a bit more like a FPS where you pick your type of character and go kill people until you get bored and decide to go back to the regular game with your actual character.

  • IsUberLeetIsUberLeet Member Posts: 104

    As has been stated, FF XI, Everquest and PSO were for consoles. FF XIV is slated for a PS3 release and maybe an Xbox release down the road (Last I heard talks were still going on). On the controller part, I know from playing that  FF XI  was easier to play (for me at least) on the controller. I can't really say anything for sure on the other games.

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