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toddzetoddze Member UncommonPosts: 2,142

Edit: Deleted, not so interested anymore.

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  • just2duhjust2duh Member Posts: 1,290
    Originally posted by toddze

    Edit: Deleted, not so interested anymore.


     I think this quote sums up the game pretty well.

     Just tried it due to the mmorpg "giveaway", where you have 1 month to get to lvl15. Played it one night and got to 11, but it has already lost my interest.

     Apart from how slow and blan the gameplay is.. the starter area was my biggest problem, to put it simply it was one of the most tedious mindnumbing experiences I have ever faced. Now i'm acustomed to quests where you run to there, run back, go kill this, run back, but this was just overused tooooo much and the distances too far, and this was only the starter area still.

     After 11 levels of it I was ready to pull out my hair and set fire to my dog. If that was any indication to how the rest of the world played out then no thank you, if I want a slow walking simulator i'll just go outside and watch people go by.

  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member RarePosts: 3,768

    To me it's not a bad game and they even do events where you can get costumes ingame that can give some extra stats that go over your gear but their biggest problem is they take too much to update the game many people left including myself because it took them almost a month to up the cap of 40 or 50 what it was and it's very easy to reach 40 or 50 by doing the dungeons with people.

  • jircrisjircris Member UncommonPosts: 588

    Lol well i am lvl 35 on here and its not that bad. You do run around quest from 1-25 then do some party quest to hit 40 takes about 3-5 days but i have seen most ppl quit be for this even hit lvl 10 (first job change) so i guess the games for some and for some its not. If your willing to wait past lvl 10-15 then id call it a fair grade i see you hit 11 so i respect your opinion. but i have seen some idiots claim RS2 or ghost X is better then this game lol played them both nothing wrong with the games just poorly ran

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  • madlukemadluke Member UncommonPosts: 108

    Typical MMORPG. Don't even bother.

  • TitiMinyTitiMiny Member Posts: 10

    I haven't played very long, the game lost my interest because it was too ''slow'' and not ''dynamic'' to me.

    The level 1 slimes are just sitting there, on the floor, the mobs barely move.

    The there, run there. Its sorta annoying after some time .


    It's not a bad game, just too slow playing for my mind.

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