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Pax Infinitus

fcazaresfcazares Member Posts: 190

“Captain? You have an encrypted message waiting for you. I can’t pinpoint where it was sent from, but it is Federation. Highly classified.”

You nod and walk through the sliding doors of your bridge into your private Ready Room. Sliding into your chair, you activate your screen.

*Encrypted Message, Code Alpha One Priority. Captain’s Eyes only*

You furrow your brow, but acknowledge to the computer your identity.

The message begins to play. A non-descript man appears, seated behind a desk.

“Hello, Captain.” He speaks. “My name is unimportant, but my mission vital to the continued existence of our Federation. I represent an organization that works ‘behind the curtain’ so to speak in Starfleet. It has been whispered in the halls of Starfleet Academy and aboard the vessels of our illustrious navy – you would know us as Section 31.”

The figure on the screen pauses, as if waiting for your expression of surprise to fade. As if on cue, the man smiles, and continues.

“There are many threats to the Federation, and we feel that those threats have reached a dangerous level with the collapse of the Khitomer Accords and the growing appetite of the Klingon Empire. We know that some Federation Captains also see this as a threat and have taken measures to approach them with a fully sanctioned top secret project.”

The man leaned forward. “Project Pax Infinitus.”

Project Pax Infinitus, you wonder. What exactly is that?

Reading your mind, the man continues. “The Project is a Black Ops fleet that is gathering even as we speak at our Section 31 Starbase located on the dark side of the Terran moon. There, you will meet Fleet Captain Aslan ch’Shran and his handpicked Command Staff for further instructions. Do not worry, even as a part of this new Black Ops division, you and your crew will be working for Starfleet and continuing Starfleet’s mandate of exploring new star systems and discovering new civilizations. But we have our own agenda as well – preparing for the coming storm. We weren’t prepared for the Borg, we weren’t prepared for the Dominion, and we weren’t prepared for the collapse of the Khitomer Accords. Well, whatever follows – we will be ready this time. We know you are interested, Captain.”

Even as you consider his offer, he rises from his seat. “The exact location of our Starbase is encrypted into the data stream of this message. If you do not wish to join us, please destroy the message and forget this conversation ever happened. But if you wish to play an important part in the future of Starfleet… you know where to find us.”

The non-descript man smiles. “This is Section 31, signing off. We shall see you soon, Captain.”

As the message ends, you ease back into your seat. You have much to think about, and an offer like this doesn’t come by very often. You hold in your hand the choice to change your destiny, Captain…

Pax Infinitus.


OOC: We would like to welcome everyone into this exciting new Chapter of our multi-game community, Pax Imperius. We are a well established guild nearing our eighth year, having participated in MMORPG's from Dark Ages of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies (Where we are well known as one of the premiere PA's on the Scylla server), World of Warcraft, Eve, and preparing for both the upcoming MMORPG's Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Trek Online.

We are excited about this new project, and plan on becoming a dominant force in Star Trek Online. We are a roleplaying guild that believes in a place for all playstyles and are seeking players interested in exploration and away team missions as well as hardcore PvPers who are ready to lay waste to the growing threat of the Klingon Empire.

If you are interested in an amazing player community as well as a powerful guild that will be a force to be reckoned with in Star Trek Online, please come visit us at! Our current Pax Infinitus STO forums are at - sign up for our forums and post in our New Recruits thread with your character information!


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