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Dawn of Discovery

RoutverRoutver Member Posts: 383

So I just downloaded the demo of it, and it ate all my free time. A fun city builder.


Now the demo is cruel and closes on you right when your settlement is becoming great. I'm just thinking if it's worth to buy it because of the no-multiplayer part... Can anyone tell me how good the full game is?


  • LynxJSALynxJSA Member RarePosts: 3,233

    Never heard of it.

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  • nevermore82nevermore82 Member Posts: 55

    I've got it, and I'm still playing it. Because of other games I haven't had the time it needs to really get further in the game but I can tell you that once I installed it and started playing I completely lost track of time... it's an amazing game, the best so far imo in the Anno series.

    It's a bit complex yes, It can also punish you really hard if you don't manage your resources properly... but the city building and trading are one of the best I encountered in that genre of game. It also has good graphics and can really keep you entertained for a long time if you're into that type of game.

    Although it doesn't have multiplayer mode it's an excelent single player game.

    I recommend it, it's definitely a game worth getting imo. If you don't mind playing solo I'd say go for it, but if you're really after a multiplayer RTS then this isn't it.

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  • shanakarshanakar Member Posts: 4

    So it is a good game aye? I actually saw this game by accident at amazon.com and was thinking of purchasing it. I read the Gamespot review of it but I don't really judge games much on reviews, I prefer to judge on first hand experience. I have been contemplating getting it but a few things said in the review kinda put me off. Just a question if I may.

    How hard of a game is it to just get right into it and begin learning how it all runs etc?  I heard that the lack of guides and help online kinda deminishes the gameplay as its a hard game to get to grips to if you don't know what your doing. Is it really that hard to understand the game through playing it several times?

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  • BlankFrankBlankFrank Member Posts: 13

    Annos: 1404, which is what the game is also referred to, is a very, very good game that took up a lot of my life away. 


    I wouldn't call it a city-builder, though it does a better job of it than MOST CITY BUILDERS! 

    Everything about is almost perfect.  It's really the gold standard of PC single-player experiences.  In other words, if you have a PC, GET THIS GAME.

  • DerrialDerrial Member Posts: 250

    Originally posted by BlankFrank
    Annos: 1404, which is what the game is also referred to, is a very, very good game that took up a lot of my life away.

    I wouldn't call it a city-builder, though it does a better job of it than MOST CITY BUILDERS!
    Everything about is almost perfect. It's really the gold standard of PC single-player experiences. In other words, if you have a PC, GET THIS GAME.

    ^^ What he said

    It's the best strategy game that I've played in a long time. It's addictive, it looks great, you can play it in different ways (build a vast empire, build up a vast military, focus on constructing a massive cathedral, etc). And if you're like me and are sick of how every PC game released these days carries the stink of consoles on it's breath, this game is a minty fresh relief - a true PC game.

  • RoutverRoutver Member Posts: 383

    Yeah definitely worth a purchase even not having multiplayer. I said Dawn of Discovery/Anno 1404 is a city builder because it plays a lot like Caesar games, with houses evolving, pushing the necessity of having more refined goods and all that, except the game presents you an overwhelming amount of things to do and it really made me forget about the campaign's objectives just to check how deep the game is.


    It's a good thing they have added a "why not a break" warn for every 2 hours you play, because damn, that thing will consume all your free time.

  • seldinseldin Member UncommonPosts: 191

    They are adding multiplayer to it in Feb with an expansion



    I cant wait the expansion sounds like fun with multiplayer

  • LeKinKLeKinK Member Posts: 899

    They are also removing the DMR

  • vladakovvladakov Member Posts: 710

     in europe the game is called  Anno 1703 or something?  


    anyway, you probably heard of  other  ANNO games,   anno 16something and anno 18something


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