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Co crashing

abyss610abyss610 Member Posts: 1,131

has anyone had any trouble with the game crashing/locking up thier computer on start up?

i just reunstalled it and it keeps locking up on me and i had played the game at launch on this very same computer only difference being that it now has 64bit vista instead of 32.

any help would be great, thanks in advance.


  • AzarealAzareal Member UncommonPosts: 163

    I recall reading something about this happening to a few people. Perhaps you can check CO's tech forum for more feedback. After that,...good luck with the server crashes, login problems, lag etcetc.

  • abyss610abyss610 Member Posts: 1,131

    yeah already wishin i had resubbed to CoX instead for my super hero fix, feeling like i wasted $15.


  • SevenwindSevenwind Member UncommonPosts: 2,185

    I ran CO on Vista x64 in beta and release till Win 7 came out. I had no problems running it. You might want to run down the normal steps, video, audio drivers and Vista updates all up to date?

    Another thing is to make sure you download the newest directx build from www.microsoft.com/directx and install that.

    Also one last thing I can think of is once you log into the CO patcher, go up to options, and try safe mode or force verify. Might be  file that is corrupt.

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  • championsFanchampionsFan Member Posts: 419

    Bummer!  I am using 64 bit vista, I open the launcher in administrator mode, besides that I don't know what to suggest besides making sure your directX is up to date.  Try posting in the CO technical forums on the official website.

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