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Are you looking forward to any other game?

DarzinDarzin Member Posts: 46

I ask this because, I think it's important to note that while I think Alganon will maintain a certain amount of fans of the game I wonder how many people who are playing it are sort of just waiting. I know when Alganon was first announced there was a lot of excitement for the game. I was excited for it -- and regardless of whether or not it has technical failings, I have come to realize that the reason I was excited for the game had more to due with me simply looking for the "next great thing."

I have always loved fantasy MMO games, and level based ones at that. Now I find myself, after disappointed in this game and even more dismayed by Aion, that I am clinging to the hope that next year will be better. The next big thing around the corner. So what are the games I am looking forward to?

1) Guild Wars 2

2) Final Fantasy 14

3) SW: ToR

4) Heroes of Telara (probably 2011)

5) New Blizzard MMO (probably 2011-12)

Anyway -- why would this matter to Alganon? As I said, I was excited for the game, then disappointed in it's implementation, but that doesn't mean that people playing it aren't like me in some ways. A lot of them, are probably playing this game a stop gap -- between now and the next big game. Are you one of them and if so, given the already low population of Alganon and the possible mess (more like debacle) a "hard launch" will cause, what does this type of mentality mean for the game?

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  • PhelimReaghPhelimReagh Member UncommonPosts: 682

    I too was really looking forward to Alganon and given the limited options available, when it ... how do I say this without being accused by our erstwhile editors of "trolling" ... released the way it did (how's that), I really just gave up hope on finding a game I'd want to play.


    That said, and I know this will be lame, but after seeing what Jagex was trying to do with their upcoming space MMO "Stellar Dawn/Mechscape", I'm interested to just see it. They claim to have designed a game with no XP, no leveling, and no reason to RWT.  Yet they're supposed to have grouping as well as keeping RS's F2P/P2P model.


    I'm not going to say I'm excited about it, but I'm very intrigued by what it might be, and that Jagex knows how to give you a good F2P taste to see if you like it.


    Other than that, I've ordered a huge load of single player RPGs to keep me busy for the first half of the year, I hope. We'll see what happens mid-2010.

  • brett7018brett7018 Member UncommonPosts: 180

    Actually that is why I am here on MMORPG.  Trying to find something else to play as I am over it.  I have tried just about everything mainstream so i am running out of options. 

  • DoomReaperDoomReaper Member UncommonPosts: 143

    Yeah, only one on my list now. Star Wars: The Old Republic. So far I'm having a bad run with sub-par games that claim to be different and exciting. Fallen Earth then Alganon. I need something released by a company that prides itself on quality. C'mon Bioware, I neeeeeeeed some of your gaming love!

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