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Zodiac Online

lishoushenlishoushen Member Posts: 2

Hello, i am a player on Zodiac Online. This new game has been open recently to us gamers for two reasons:

1. Typical classic turn-base MMORPG

2. Just like 1 but adds in new feature and people around the world to meet and like (and hate if your a sociopath :P).

But in my opinion, this leads to many opportunities that us -gamers- would meet. In my opinion, this game is a classic save the world plot and story where one (or many) of us have to defeat (probably kill [Yay?]) the bad guys. Though ridiculously funny meeting the enemies which i call creeps (but not entirely are literally creeps), they actually have a say to ridicule [or try to] you and taunt you. Though you may play this game, this game is consider to be Co-op and requires friends, rivals and even people you may dislike ( i hope you don't find any) to be force to team up and finish the quests. Though the quests are simple and even tedious, there's a jump in the quests where you'll find out that it requires more than two or just one player. This is just a closed beta but for its worth, it stipulate your mind to keep on playing. Mainly, there are features before you start such as the character creation process.

The creation process starts off by your selection of character. There is a total of 24 character you can choose from, a male and a female, one of each of the zodiacs, your user name/ IGN (typical), your birthday, your horoscope, and your Aptitude. Now i will explain the new features that you may be confuse with such as Aptitude


Aptitude: A chosen stat growth that defines your character's strong suit and weak suit. Usually people use many strategies to work well on them or just grow their strong suit to their optimal value. There are many choices and even one that stats all average and equal [mostly newbies use them, so it says]

Zodiacs: 12 different zodiac animals that originate from the heavens in Chinese Legends. The zodiac have their own feature and looks. You can choose one of the many option from either a male Dragon to a female Dog so to say. As you choose one of the zodiac, you would gain a pet later on after finishing a main quest.


There is also a catching system that allows you to tame the pets you caught but be warned!

1. There is a limited amount of space you may catch and to capture a pet manually as a skill, it has to have the word (Elf) near it or you know it is part of the Chinese Zodiac. For other pets, you have to use Mob Flasks that range from a certain level of what type of monster you can catch with.

2. When successfully capturing a pet, it has to be tame at the Pet Curer in Cloud City. [Can be explain once you play this game, in need of help of locating the Pet curer, go to the forum at / Zodiac Forum ] There is a chance that once taming the pet, it may fail or be successful. The chances of that are not 50/50 but more against you. It is frustrating failing at the taming process but it also make you laugh at it once you look back into that past.

It will be needed that when your pet can reach evolution it has to be level 30 and you must combine it with another pet (Other than a Zodiac it self!)

That's is why the Mob Flasks are made and used. There are 3 evolution process listed as Generation such as an example:

Dragon: Level 1

Generation I



Dragon : Level 30

Generation II



Dragon : Level 60

Generation III



There is also a rare evolution people desire and the reason is that the pet look insanely awesome

NOTE: Generation II looks cute and cuddly because it makes people may play more so to say but in next GENERATION  III it is worth it!

Here's a screen shot of the game : )

Here's a screen shot of the battle phase in this Turn-Based game

So there you have it, there are more i can talk about in this game, but there is so little time, i hope this is a great introduction to other games that may like or would like to try out. In the end, the games are there just to please you not let it regret you. I'll be posting more threads about this online when i have time.


Good Luck and Have fun, I'm looking forward in meeting you on the server. Though this is a close bet, anyone can join and my Main IGN is Caboose RvB and my other is Hikaro. Peace!


  • LongsnoutLongsnout Member Posts: 116

     Posting those screen shots sure was not a clever idea. It was all interesting, until I got to them. 

    Oh, and btw, I don't doubt that you are a player, but could it be possible that you also work for the company running this game? 


    Nobody is useless, he/she can still be used as a bad example.

  • lishoushenlishoushen Member Posts: 2

    Nope, i am just a player in this and i wish i was from the company, it would be helpful earning money :3. The reason i did this is so i may introduce to new gamers, my purpose is similar to what the company does but instead I'm a supporter ^_^. so if you do play this, you'll see my name a lot in chat and online. World Chat is fun and very noticeable for people to converse.

  • joker007mojoker007mo Member Posts: 712

    i used the key i got from this site one of the giveaway ones the game is ok but nothing to write home about felt a little slow and disorienting and still 3k keys to give away for the grab bag and since there was 3k when i got mine i dont see ppl flocking to this game pretty bad when ppl wont even play when given free crap :P


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