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(First Month) Hows the game so far? How much have it been improved? is it improving at the rate of D

tro44_1tro44_1 Member Posts: 1,819

Hows the game so far? Is it improving at the rate Darkfall is?

Whats the next big thing you feel should be worked on?

And Suggestions and tips you learn so far?


I enjoy Easter Eggs and Hidden Areas and such.

This game have any?


  • ZinzanZinzan Member UncommonPosts: 1,351

    Hard to say really.

    It's still buggy and probably always will be. It's a nice distraction game for a week, but nothing i'd play much beyond the trial.

    Won't draw a comparison with DF. I'm not going to rise to that obvious flame-bait and would advise against using DF as a benchmark on another mmo forum considering how actively it's detested by most mmo players, especially on mmorpg.com forums.

    Nothing good can come of mentioning DF here im afraid.

    Expresso gave me a Hearthstone beta key.....I'm so happy :)

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