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ZO = cool game!

AiniiAinii Member Posts: 1

It is an amazing online game I ever played! You are required to choose your zodiac (there are 12 of them) and your adventure begin when you are sent to the human world.

What’s fun with this game?

First of all, there are no class of character in this game. I find this is very interesting as characters are distinguished by their very own zodiac. Every character has the same choice of skill, so it’s up to you which series of skill you want to learn and master. This gives you chance to choose whether your character will be tank, healer or anything!

Second, the pet. Pet is very essential as it will help you a lot during battle. You can go levelling together with your pet as your pet’s level will also grow in this game. Higher pet’s level, stronger it will be (and same goes to you) In this game, pet of your character’s zodiac will be given after you done a main quest. But you can also catch any zodiac pet that you found in your battle. Some wild pet can also be tamed to be your pet. Furthermore, what’s cool with the pet in Zodiac Online is you can evolve it! Wee~ When your zodiac pet reach level 30, you can combine it with another wild pet to evolve it into a new Gene2 pet. Cool isn’t? Since there is no limitation on which wild pet to combine with it so you can have some kind of ‘experiment’ with this evolving system – who knows you might be lucky to ‘born’ a strong pet?

You will never bore with this game as it has a lot of quest to be done! Basically you will have to finish your entire main quest but you can also take another quest such as daily quest and repeatable quest to get extra experience, gold and coins. There are interesting quest such as ‘Renown Quest’ and ‘Escort Quest’ where you will be rewarded with tons of experience and gold through it =D

Another cool feature of this game is it gives away 7 hours double experience every week! Yes, every week! You can claim it whenever you want to use it. By this, no people will miss the double experience chance as there are no specific time for it. Plus, this also applies to the experience that you gain during completing quest. So, use it wisely and you can level up faster.

Besides battling skill, there are also gathering and living skills. These gathering skills can be used to gather material that can be found throughout the game. This material is useful as you can craft weapon, equipment, cook pet’s food and a lot more through the living skill.

There are a lot of event conducted in the game. Latest event is Zodiac Online’s New Year Hot Strike! You can check out details of the event from this link.

Everyone’s friendly and willing to help you.. Do find me if you need help and I will try my best to help u.

Join now and start your adventure. You can go to the main Zodiac Online website here. Do add me as your friend in Zodiac Online. My nick is Ainii

I’m waiting for you guys! ^_^

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