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Old reblic installation issues

Cpt_PicardCpt_Picard Member Posts: 300

Anyways, I pulled out my old kotor 1 discs out of the drawer and attempted to install the game. Alas, for at 25% an error popped up stating

Component Transfer Error

Component: Cab Us

File Group: SW Cabs US

File: D/

Data Error (cyclic redundancy check).


Anyways. After this happened a few times, I popped the disc into my laptop and the exact same thing happened. (Laptop is on Vista, while the desktop is on xp). I read somewhere that one should "slow down" your disc drive to install older games, but I'm having trouble finding how to do this.

Also, my disc may be hooped, although it's possible to see all of the data on it.

Make it so...

Make it so...

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