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General: Community Spotlight: Why Are People Into F2P MMOGs?



  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

    Because they hate monthly fees. Monthly fees make them feel like there is a commitment you have to keep up every month just to justify the cost per month. They like options, they like the idea they can come and go as they please without a fee hanging over there head.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 37,957
    Originally posted by kikinchaz

    Why do people play F2P games? Because..they're free. No logic required. They are also vastly inferior from my experience. Sure there are crap P2P games that don't deserve a monthly fee, but I'm yet to find a F2P MMO which keeps me playing more than a couple of hours. They always always have their major drawbacks, usually due to cashshops. Also the reality is there are certainly a larger number of kids and horrible community members in F2P games than P2P, again - you do get goons in P2P games but the volume is less.

    Only answer this thread needs.

    Can't believe they chose to spotlight this topic, which I felt was moronic when it first appeared., what's wrong with you people?



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  • InnossInnoss Member Posts: 105

    Only answer this thread needs.
    Can't believe they chose to spotlight this topic, which I felt was moronic when it first appeared., what's wrong with you people?


    Have you not noticed how many F2P games advertise here? Expect to see more of this kind of crap.

  • InnossInnoss Member Posts: 105


    I will not play any game that uses an item mall. I quit eq2 because of it. I had characters in swg, eq and vanguard also but ill never play again because of sony's item mall. The F2P and item model games are just furthering the instant gratification casual crowd. Its directly marketed to that type of player. That same type of player has turned the genre into the crap pool it is now where we get games built like rooms in a house. In each room are toys for kids to play with. Doors leading to other rooms.

    MMO's were built on the concept of a WORLD. its the instant grats and casuals thats turned it into the playrooms we have now.


  • jke2jke2 Member Posts: 16

    becasue is free, you pay if you want to. however, too may people like to showoff so one is buying the moneyt item others will following so they wont look too normal. then these people will come out and complain f2p it actually cost more. LACK OF SELFCONTROL====NOOOOOOOOOOOB


  • misterdurpmisterdurp Member Posts: 157

     while some f2p mmos are pretty good and/or dont have an item mall that favors the paying users, the majority of the f2p mmos is the same old, and they keep coming to the western world at an appalling rate.. saturating the market with mostly inferior products.

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