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The Truth They are Old school and Hardcore MMO available

The next thread in the long line of people making with the truth in title because somebody made a thread with the truth in title.Hey it is catchy and work for anti smoking company why not use it.

Like the heading says they are hardcore mmos or MMOs with old school principals available and they have always been around.I  won't waste me time taking about the past one but i will list some of them.

EVE,Star wars pre NGE, Darkfall ,Ryzom, AC 1,Ulitma, EQ, Wurm,Fallen Earth,Shadowbane,Final Fantasy

Ok fine,Some these game have past their prime big time and won't even get to part about how WoW or Lineage2  have been going strong a very long period.Forget the past the past gone what is in the future for those players.


Mortal Online-


When you combine that EvE, Fallen Earth, Ryzom and Darkall that is 7 solid mmo to fill your need as old school/hardcore Players.Here is the catch all these game are made by what you could call a Indie/Mid level company.Here is the Ugly Truth many of these players crying for games like old schools ones want a large company to spent millions of dollars on the game,million dollars on the marketing to make this game.When the biggest game of that type only had 500,000(EQ) subs at it peak and biggest sandbox on the Market EvE only has 300,000 subs.People consider AoC and War failure but those failures but had 700,000 subs in their first couple months.

So pretend you big company you are making a game what do you choose because in adding simple structure and quest to the "sandbox" you could possible make WoW or Aion money or you can make a type game so far has not proven to sell as much and players on the market seem to prefer other type.

I am not anti sandbox or old school virtual world mmo guy,I can't wait for earthrise to come out,I am in Mortal beta,I played Darkfall and Ryzom but i am realist if i was making an mmo i would make a theme park and swim in the cash that it makes then at some point use some of  that boat load cash to start working a good sandbox mmo.The truth is those types of games are smaller part of the market,I am 2D fighting game fan and 3rd person shooter fan those games are smaller part of their market too.Unless one these indie company breakout enough for big companies or big property like Elder Scrolls,Never Winter Nights or DnD,Might and Magic decide make a game true their world and rules you will see a steady stream of WoW clones.




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