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Free Action MMORPG

ImishinKuraoImishinKurao Member Posts: 1

I geuss thats what I'd call it.. anyways.. all I ever see around are MMORPGs whihc involve point and click or Wannabe Maple stories.. although I'm aware maple story wasn't the first of its kind, its the only one that I can actually play (Because the others don't... blend..).. although I don't really care for 2d MMORPGs >.>.. I'm sort of looking for an MMORPG that actually involves the player.. you know... where its not the same thing over and over again.. I don't mind if its a point and click, but it should have something that doesn't just blend it in along with every other MMORPG (Like all of the Chinese based ones... and by that I mean all of the ones that take place in china and have the same classes and such.) But It'd be really nice if I could find an Action RPG that isn't room based (No idea what they're really called.. but they're essentially games where you create rooms and wait for other players... yeah.. I don't like those >( ).. Help me out? oh.. and something not too flashy =/ Graphics can't hurt, but too much is just murder >.>

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