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Great game,not only for hardcore players!^-^

LuneriyaLuneriya Member Posts: 1

I've been looking for a game that benefits playing in a party

with more exp and where even players that have very little time a week

can reach for the top and for me personally i finally found such a game.

Really big pros for me are:

- no class limitation

- a very deep pet evolution system, you can catch wild pets and even

evolve some special pets like the "Zodiac Pets"

(Every player gets a Zodiac Pet in the first few Lvls XD)

- Growing Weapon System (you can evolve even your weapon to make it

grow stronger)

- the great comic like landscape, its drawn with very much

love for the detail, sometimes i just explore for hours

to see anything XD

- the Fighting System Style, do you remember the old Final Fantasy

games?Each fight in Zodiac Online is turn based, so you sometimes

really need to think before you cast a spell and use a wise

tactic to win against a strong boss

- the crafting system, you can gather herbs,mine your ores

and even make your own armor...sometimes you might even

be able to craft a special elite armor, that you can

use for yourself or sell to make some nice money!

The crafting system really makes you addicted ^_^

- the daily quests, you can do some quests each day which

dont cost so much time but offer great rewards, thats the

way even people with very little freetime can earn some

nice exp and lvl up kinda fast!

- and i could go on even more.... XD

One of the mainthings i love about the game is that you dont

have to grind like mad if you dont choose to...

I play around 1 hour a day and mainly chat while i do my

daily quests and still lvl up quiet fast.

Also there are often some events where you can get

valueable cash shop items like "Hide and Seek" events

so why dont you give it a try aswell?

If you like you can PM me on the official zodiac Online

forums,my forumname is Kiyani and i can help you getting started.

So join us and be one of the first to play the game and reach for the top!^_^


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